BREAKING: Witness Claims To Know The Identity Of The SWATter – Is This Rauhauser’s Beandog?

A couple of caveats – we spent a good portion of the evening making sure that there was at least plausibility with regard to this allegation. As an organization, we at The Trenches fully support the rule of law, and we would never want to see anyone unjustly accused of a crime that they didn’t commit.

The witness refers to himself as Danny Shays (we’ve not been able to verify that this is his legal name), and he contacted us recently with the following allegation. Danny claims that he’s spoken to the alleged SWATter on two separate occasions. The man’s voice he identified in the recent 911 SWATting calls, reported on extensively by Robert Stacy McCain, Patrick Frey, and Aaron Worthing, is allegedly, Brett Warren, of Maitland, FL, who goes by the handle @solaar on Twitter.

Mr. Shays states that he is willing to swear an affidavit testifying that he has no doubt that the voice on the calls is not Ron Brynaert, as many others have claimed. He is certain that the SWATter is Mr. Warren.

Here’s the information directly from the witness’ email (this has not been altered in any way, save for redacting the address):

This is the douchebag.  He lives at XXXX X XXXXXXX in Maitland, FL. Last year, under Twitter handle @solaar, he trolled Greg W. Howard and threatened to slit his throat, among other things.  He ran with the beandogs, specifically leducviolet and methadonna. leduc was tagged in photos as a local, but I could never run down his id.  Methadonna was an Aussie, disabled hacker with bipolar issues.

Brett got my attention when he called me a fag, and when I checked his profile, it came up as a feed littered with threats to Tea Party folks. Brett was stupid. He tweeted his personal business, such as his ski trip to Summit Co., CO.  Using the photos of highway signs, I was able to locate him on that trip. I also saved the photos of his buddy in the ambulance after an overdose. The gang all went to jail that night.

Brett tweeted photos of his drug stash, among other things.

Using the info he made publicly available, I was able to come on a FB profile of Samuel Therber, which is another alias he uses.  I also had pics of his office at Sirius from his yfrog.  The same was true of his Twitter associates.  Basically, after I began outing them and calling them out home and posting street level photos of their houses on Twitter, they apologized and stopped making those threats.

Brett had contact with Neal R. under both of his Twitter accts (Stranded Wind and the name one).  Neal wasn’t quite aware of how busy Brett had been. Trust me on this.  He tried to dissociate himself, but it didn’t work out too well.  Neal had posted nude photos in his Flickr acct as well, which I have.

I never used the photos.  However, they were a nice deterrent for retaliation.

Neal did attempt to contact my law school and stir up shit, but that didn’t work because I had screenshots and email trails of everything.

Both Neal and Brett contacted me via VOIP numbers on Google phone. Brett’s voice is a match with the SWATter, in my opinion.  I talked to him twice.

He has unique syntax and tone, and the way he enunciates is unique as well at certain points.  It’s distinctive, and that’s why I immediately remembered it and said that’s the guy when I heard Mandy Nagy’s audio clips of the two 911 SWAT calls.  I tweeted Brett that his voice was turning up in all the wrong places here recently.

Brett also got busy as the University of Florida fan in an infamous video in which he professed to know four types of martial arts and challenged University of Alabama fans to meet him at a gate and fight him.

Brett also involved himself in Canadian politics when he posed as a conservative staffer, Michael Sona, then embroiled in a robocalling scandal.  He posted a Youtube video in which he posed as Michael Sona and issued a fake confession.  Unfortunately, the Florida fan vid is private and the Canada vid has been removed for TOS violations.

For my money, your SWATter is Brett Warren, and Neal is aware of this and panicking.

They have history.


This is a developing story.

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  • NJ Libertarian

    Get Ace Of Spades over here cause shit just got real.

  • Dustin

    Brett also got busy as the University of Florida fan in an infamous
    video in which he professed to know four types of martial arts and
    challenged University of Alabama fans to meet him at a gate and fight

    ” Unfortunately, the Florida fan vid is

    private and the Canada vid has been removed for TOS violations.”

    I looked this up last week and I think this is the video he’s talking about:

    Someone correct me if I’m mistaken.

    In my opinion,  Danny wanted us to make this comparison, but found it unfortunate it was private. IMO it sounds nothing like the swatter.  Danny is 100% certain?

    I notice that Danny doesn’t even mention Ron Brynaert.  I think that’s odd as there’s a prominent video comparing Ron’s voice to the swatters and it’s compelling.

    They sure sound a ton alike.  I haven’t heard any honest person deny that.

    Brett’s southern voice is not nasal and I can’t see him saying “I shotter” the way the swatter did.

    However, I think investigators should talk to both Brett, Ron, Neal for sure, and I suppose Danny to get more about why he’s sure it’s Brett.  Talk to all the plausible suspects.  Check it all out.  Let the chips fall where they may.

    • Luke Londo

      The video is still available at

      Playing that with the call into Darby Stranahan, or from the 911 tape Erickson released, they don’t sound anything alike. I think the FBI should haul in “Danny,” Neal, Brett, and Ron into their office and sort this out, especially if Neal knows the SWATter’s identity.

      Agreed, I would redact the address.

      • Dustin

        There’s nothing good to come from posting people’s address out in the open like that.  Give it to the authorities. He could have a family, he could be innocent in this case.  We just don’t know. 

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  • ☞❤☜ Patrick Read♠


    Brett Warren’s voice does have a nasal sound, which is corroborated in his football video. He also has a similar speech impediment that the SWAT’er has too – a slight slur. 

    I’m positive someone will get an *Independent Voice Analyst Expert* to verify – if not the Feds themselves.

    I’m not sure why “Dustin” would want ‘Danny’ to mention Ron Brynaert, if his research leads him to believe the SWAT’er is Brett Warren. By the way Danny,  excellent job! 

    And Brooks – leave the address in the article – don’t touch a thing. Your work is spot on!

    • Sarah Wells

      Nah.  Among other things, It’s missing the pitch, prosody and vocal fry.   Not. the. voice.

      • Dustin

         Yeah, I agree.

        I noticed Danny was working off memory here.  He had heard the voice, but didn’t have any recordings available anymore.

        Given that Danny notes he saw Brett threaten Tea Partiers, and his memory of the voice sounds like the swatter, it’s great that he offered the tip and I hope that tip is considered, but this person just doesn’t sound like the swatter.

      • ☞❤☜ Patrick Read♠

        With 78 Congressmen scurrying about DC trying to get the DOJ to investigate, I am sure we will all find out the identity of the SWAT’er. And they’ll be sure to have a voice expert, of which I am not one…

        The SWAT’er has a slur, which is a speech impediment Ron lacks, but Ron does have a NY accent, which is something the caller lacked. But like others have purported, “the caller could have masked his voice a bit.” No matter who it is, the Feds will find their man. Maybe those accused will even volunteer to fully cooperate in order to exonerate himself…

        • Dustin

           I think we disagree regarding whether Brynaert is the guy, but we agree on the rest of it.  The DOJ has no excuse but to follow every lead and solve this case, and I agree with you that they should be able to find their man.  Let the chips fall where they may.

          My opinion is that the swatter drops his voice disguise at the end of the Patterico swat call (the expert had the same opinion). I think he was in a rush to finish the call.  It’s that part of that call that sounds to me to be just like Ron Brynaert’s voice.

          That makes extra sense if you think Ron needed to hurry and get back on the phone with Patterico.

          But everyone’s entitled to their theory.  This Brett Warren guy seems disturbed and if he’s the guy, I want him in prison.  I just don’t think he’s the guy in this case.  But there’s no harm in following every lead.

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  • Sarah Wells

    Nope, not the swatter’s voice.  I see the audio has been posted, it speaks for itself.  Another inexplicably lame bit of misdirection from NR.

    • brooksbayne

      are you saying that neal rauhauser is up to this “misdirection”? your assertion is based on neal throwing himself and another beandog under the bus. to protect whom? that’s a strange assertion, imo. has anyone heard brett warren on the phone other than momus?

      • Sarah Wells

        I seem to have posted my reply as a new comment.  I mentioned one person who may have talked with Warren on the phone and a bit more.

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  • Sarah Wells

    Scott Tracey, a Guelph Mercury reporter and opinion writer (column is entitled Jury of One) mentions a single phone conversation with someone whom he believed was Brett Warren (who claimed to be S. Therber in California and never having heard of B. Warren) in an article about the Sona Hoax. He would also have seen that Sona hoax video.
    My assertion is basedmore generally on the voice being so disimilar, and Neal’s past use of muddying waters.  Certainly not that Warren is incapable of anything alleged.  Red Herrings, convolution and misdirection are R’s stock in trade.  I’m of Dustin’s mind,  let investigation happen and chips fall  etc.

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  • MuddleVanHeck

    I guess it’s time to chime in on the Bret Warren / Solaar fanfare. I actually uncovered the identity of this creep in early October of 2010. He tweeted that he was going to slit Greg Howard’s throat. I uncovered his identity, address, rap sheet, 3 videos, and the name of his parole officer. With that information turned over to Greg Howard, he didn’t even bother to call the police. The guy would have been violated and incarcerated immediately for posting such a threat. 

    A few months later, Momus was involved and uncovered the same information. Greg Howard never called the police, never called the parole officer and never filed suit. He clearly wasn’t interested in protecting his family. In fact, his ‘new thing’ was to tweet the exact time and location his son would be performing or playing sports. In other words, he tried for almost a year to incite those creeps to garner sympathy and attention on Twitter.

    You folks ought to be wary of the information (read: perpeptual victimhood) that Greg Howard promotes. The actual ‘Beandogs’ were ruthless and they terrorized MANY conservatives on Twitter. However, Bret Warren wasn’t a beandog. He was a wannabe and a sociopath trying to be included with the beandogs. And Greg Howard could have eliminated this moron if he had so chosen to. It was clear that G. Howard was too caught up in his new scheme to be famous on Twitter.

    If it’s true that a beandog is actually behind the SWATtings, the Gawker article actually listed them by name. I’m sure that most of them live abroad. That said, I think Rauhauser is an opportunist and a pathological liar, and John Podesta’s appearance on Squawk Box describing his involvement and funding of the Tea Party Tracker is the crux of the Rauhauser operation, where perception is everything. We’d better be ready for it in November, because Podesta IS Obama’s right-hand man for social media strategies. And Rauhauser has set the stage for blaming #Anonymous for every misdeed, d0x, threat, etc. that is likely nothing more than a boiler-room operation of Obama thugs. After all, perception is reality.  

    • ☞❤☜ Patrick Read♠

      Well lookie here Brooks. It’s a message from muddled-van-truck-wreck

      Wow Cheryl, so was it really you who brought down the beandogs & exposed Rauhauser? LOL That is called “misdirection” hon, and you should have left your personal drama at the door. Yes, solaar was a “beandog” aka Rauhauser activist.

      And are you REALLY blaming Greg Howard for Warren making a death threat against Greg Howard in *2010?* What about when Warren did it again in *2011?!* Are you CLAIMING as much responsibility for Solaar then? Yeah, I thought not.  Here is why. Cheryl’s friend BeannieMcBribe stuck Warren on Greg in 2011 (maybe its a pattern) ->

      You really must hate that Marine, eh?

      And are you saying that Momus1978 “stole your research” in the very same breath that you, once again, blame Greg for Neal Rauhauser’s continual harassment of CONSERVATIVES — while the media ignored or purposefully BURIED the REPORT (perhaps to “piggyback it off another one”)? Hey – who do you KNOW who has taken action against RAUHAUSER? Have you ever been criminally harassed by him & directly threatened? Curious minds want to know.

      Finally, do you have a vested interest in the identity of the SWAT’er & if so, WHY? We ALL know why. Do me a favor, sweetie. You tell Neal we’re ALL coming & hell is definitely coming with us…

      • MuddleVanHeck

        Give it a rest, Drama Queen. For starters, I never claimed to want ‘credit’ for anything. My point is that Greg Howard could have picked up the phone and ended the harrassment. But being an attention whore, he chose not to do that very simple task. In fact, Momus1978 pointed these facts out rather brilliantly on June 4th – at which time Greg was humiliated to the point of stating that he was ‘dead’ to him.

        Also, to the rest of your drivel, I’m quite certain that if anyone has worked with Rauhauser, it is YOU. Would you like me to share the email where you threw Greg Howard under the bus so YOU could be the noted ‘expert’ on all things Rauhauser? I’ll be happy to!

        See folks, Swiftread is a turncoat. He did it with us until we kicked him out of our group of friends. Even after begging to come back, he was rejected…and he’s been a miserable, pathetic little moron ever since.

        Let me tell you folks what this creep did to Jeannie McBride.

        In the latter part of 2010, Jeannie’s daughter was brutally raped and left for dead by her attacker. That’s about the time Swiftread and Howard decided to “take over the #WC.” They both went on radio shows promoting “their” group. Problem is, Swiftread was being ejected for his typical blatant assholery. Hence, his target has been Jeannie ever since.

        He hit rock bottom when he posted to the world of the rape of Jeannie’s little girl. Then he proceeded to post every single Jeannie McBride’s private info – including her address. This, while her attacker was at large. Incidently, that’s when the beandogs decided they didn’t sign up for endangering a little girl’s safety and well-being.

        It’s a SAD DAY when the beandogs AND Rauhauser stepped up to the plate of human decency over this failure we know as Patrick Read.

        So Patrick is a failure at life; and we’ve moved on. We’re proud of disassociating ourselves with the kind of filth that is Greg Howard and his backstabbing little minion, Swiftread. We’ve spent a year-and-a-half washing the stench from these dregs. Good riddance, too.

        Meanwhile, to Brooksbayne: If we can be of any assistance to you and your investigation, please let me know. We’re more than happy to help. 

        • ☞❤☜ Patrick Read♠

          Can you make this article about anything else, Muddier-Than-a-Train-Wreck? Your post speaks for itself or was there another reason you brought up your “stellar research?” LOL

          Did Momus1978 “steal your research?” It seemed like a pretty simple question asked…

          On top of your blaming Greg W Howard for Brett Warren’s actions – issuing TWO death threats (once to slit his throat & one to take a sickle to his stomach – and without provocation) against Greg W Howard, you then tell the world that Greg W Howard did not even protect his family!?

          Do you know Greg W Howard, Cheryl? Ever talk to his wife (and I don’t mean the troll account Rauhauser made up to troll him with) or family??

          Listen hun, Howard not only protects his family – he protected YOURS as well. He was one of those unfortunate Marines stationed in Beriut under Reagan – maybe a certain truck bomb rings a bell?? 

          And then you further disgrace yourself & your “little group” by throwing out your involvement in some rape scenario. Cheryl, back away from the computer. Your “little group” took a quote about Creation out of context & trolled me and everyone I posted to — along with Blowhard (shoq) GenderConstrcut, Great Grey, Gomer Howard etc etc (all of whom are Rauhauser associates) for months. Once again, it is called “misdirection” and as a LIFELONG Conservative, I am well aware of the BS. Engineer your message elsewhere…

          Let me be frank: Greg Howard KNOWS Mandy does not like him. He knows everything about our correspondence. What YOUR little group fails to mention is Mandy’s emails to ME. I wonder why… 

          “Muddyying-the-waters,” Patrick uses his real name. Patrick is also a honorable Veteran. Patrick has a CTO in Air Traffic Control — that’s 8 years total time in tower. Patrick also worked on the start-up of Luanch Pad 37B – that’s the largest rocket on the planet earth. And now, Patrick is a Conservative Tea Party’er spilling the truth — which seems to get some all fussy, for one reason or another.

          Keep blaming Conservatives-Veterans for Neal Rauhauser’s actions. Blame us for Brett Warren’s too. Whatever makes your RINO heart happy. Whatever you do, do NOT blame the media for burying the story well ahead of any of my involvement.

          As for your “little group” – what do you mean “kicked out?” What membership are you talking about?
          I’ve been on twitter for a very long time. Longer than you & everyone else in your loony bin. Plenty of us watched on as McBribe infiltrated & then attacked conservatives for now, 3 years. We all agreed it was time it ended. You may thank me later.
          But tell Neal we are coming. And hell is coming with us.

          • MuddleVanHeck

            Perhaps Patrick Read should bring a goldfish to aid in his reading comprehension.

            The funny part is to study the enemy’s tactics. That which he is projecting is typically his playbook.

            See folks, he thinks I am claiming my research was ‘stolen.’ au contraire, my little mouse. I urged Greg Howard to call law enforcement in Oct. 2010. The POINT is that Momus did, too a mere couple of months later. AND HE STILL DIDN’T CALL THE POLICE. (did you pick up on that yet?) Nobody ‘stole’ anything since I publicly tweeted it at every opportunity.


            Now, let’s address your accusation of stealing research. Oh wait, that’s your gig! I distinctly remember Zapem accusing you of stealing her research… because that’s exactly what you did.

            Watching you and Greg Howard lunge on this story was a laugh in itself. You two neanderthals actually believe the story is about your butthurt – but no, it’s about much, much more than that, and it’s wayyy above your pay grade, ‘Swift.’ Better people will figure it out, and without including your reputation and history on Twitter. Remember, the only people responsible for killing the story the first time was you and Howard and your personal vendettas.

            It’s funny that you jumped ahead of yourself, justifying your tweet that said, “In the eyes of God, there’s no such thing as rape.” Thanks for reminding me of that atrocious tweet. That was your ‘excuse’ once the Twitter conservatives called you out on posting the rape incident in the first place. But even THAT isn’t your low point. It was the year you spent harrassing Jeannie and publishing names and addresses of anything you could find about Jeannie.

            That’s where your ugliness exposed itself. I know you can’t help yourself. It’s who you are. And for the record, every tweet and phone call between Jeannie and Rauhauser was based on that exact thing – notifying law enforcement of your endangerment of a child. No matter how many ways you spin it, YOU engineered the tweets between Rauhauser and Jeannie.

            It’s time to own it. 

          • ☞❤☜ Patrick Read♠

            Mud, I didn’t read all that mess. I ASKED, are you accusing Momus1978 of stealing your research for obvious reason (go read your post) and you STILL result to some long drawn out narrative. And you only allude to the answer once again. What is the answer – YES OR NO?

            I know how important McBribe’s liuttle group is to you & especially her. But exactly how many of the 60+ original Wrecking Crew members are still in McBribe’s group? NONE. Ever wonder why or are you too busy believing everything said in mass email w/o trying to verify the storyline?? That seems to be contagious with those you associate with…

            And the one who brought up credit regarding Twittergate is YOUR friend. Not myself, not Zapem, not Greg. Your buddy had an issue with linking to the story that was buried… by who again?? How many bloggers do you know who have a problem documenting their argument or providing resource links? YEAH. None.

            As you might recall, there are a couple of GOLDEN RULES in the tea party:
            1) Be careful who you associate with – “you are who your friends are”
            2) “Beware of those trying to personally profit from the tea party – it is a people’s movement – not co-opted”

            Think about that. Again. Tell Neal we are coming. And hell is coming with us… You can get that message out to him, right? Of COURSE you can.

          • MuddleVanHeck

            The group of 35 members voted overwhelmingly to boot you and rid ourselves of your childish antics – which, btw, you’ve proven right here. You had a measly 4 or 5 supporters. These folks would be “outstanding veterans” such as this guy:!/MuddleVanHeck/media/slideshow?

            Jeannie has a blog that shows all of you “outstanding conservative veterans” threatening her life and that of her child. Lotsa screenshots there, Mr. Popular. Isn’t that the reason law enforcement showed up at your door? You should thank Jeannie for not filing criminal charges against you.

            Anywho, enough of this nonsense. REAL conservatives want this story reported accurately. Your bluster and machismo accidentally produced itself for everyone to see here. You’re nothing but an ambulance-chasing, backstabbing, miserable grunt. I’m waiting for you to pull a Charles Johnson and betray the conservative movement, all for the glory of seeing your name in the headlines. Because face it; that’s who you are.

            And to anyone else reading this: If I had access to Neal Rauhauser, he’d be arrested.

            Of course, if I had access to “Swift”read, I’d probably refrain from slapping him out of fear of getting treachery and STUPID on my hands.

          • MuddleVanHeck
          • ☞❤☜ Patrick Read♠

            Enough said by one side? LOL Muddy-Van-Train-Ran-Over, here is a GREAT idea for you.

            PEN a blog in your OWN name, and *try* (I know its hard for you “new republicans”) to keep it in credible context INSTEAD of FALISIFYING another report.

            “The world really is watching” & THIS TIME your friends & yourself won’t get a PRO-BONO LAWYER to interfere with.

            Mmmm k?

            Oh. And tell YOUR FRIEND Neal that Patrick Read said, “Word to your moms, I came to drop bombs.” The truth is like that, Muddying-the-water-for-money! ;) BAM

          • MuddleVanHeck

            Sheesh, your new blog post just proves everything I said!

            Has anyone ever told you that you’re too stupid to know just how stupid you really are?

            Come on, tuff guy. Bully away on a polite Christian woman. Show everybody who you are, and how you terrorized Jeannie for the year AFTER Twittergate. In fact, Neal openly targeted Jeannie – until you exposed her child’s brutal rape and incited violence against her family. These examples in your timeline prove that prior to Twittergate – they were mortal enemies.

            Try not to choke on it, Brutus.

  • MuddleVanHeck

    #WAR indeed! Only this time the story will be told by credible investigative journos/bloggers such as Brooksbayne. :).

  • brooksbayne

    lotsa chatter here. i’m more concerned with why nothing is going on with the case. we’ve got rauhauser admitting he knows it was a beandog, and here we have one who’s a felon who makes death threats, and who’s also been accused of being in a canadian political robocall scam. and there’s this witness who’s willing to swear that this is the beandog based on two phone calls he had with the guy. name a better suspect. either way, with a sworn affidavit, the feds should be getting involved, and that’s what we want. i don’t care who is more right than the other person, i was the authorities involved, and i want this chapter to come to a close. think, people.

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