#TwitterGulag : How It Works… And What to Do

For anyone familiar with the Conservative communities of Twitter, the hashtag #TwitterGulag is probably familiar by now.  If you’re not familiar, it’s the term adopted after a spate of accounts began to be suspended for barely discernible reasons. Users brand new to Twitter who looked to be part of the Conservative community, and even some that were relatively well established,  fell victim to the fun little system exploit that a select group of Lefties discovered and began to spread among their circles. It’s been an ongoing problem that Twitter is well aware of. Brooks Bayne originally wrote about this exploit in 2008.

How it Works:

Thanks to the work of Twitter user @SemperBanU (SBU) (give a follow, if you feel like it), the exploit, and how it was disseminated among Lefty’s has become apparent. According to SBU, what the Lefty jerks discovered is that the “block and report for spam feature”  IS COMPLETELY AUTOMATED. There is not a human sitting at the other end to review the reports, there’s just a computer, and like any machine, it can be fooled.

So let’s say you’re a new Twitter user. You find your way to the #tcot realm, and start following certain prominent conservatives, like Dana Loesch (@DLoesch),  or Sean Hannity (@SeanHannity). You see that they will sometimes reply to  random fellow conservative users. So you start to @ reply their tweets, in hopes of becoming part of the conversation or getting a retweet.

Now, here comes the system exploit. So when you @ reply them, the Twitter system sees this as an “unsolicited reply”, meaning you are tweeting the person without them having asked you to. (Much like Spambots do.) Now, a large quantity of “unsolicited” replies, along with an imbalanced following/follower ratio, and what will that computer think? That you’re a spambot yourself.


So if some of the Lefty’s that are aware of this exploit happen across you , they can hit you with the “Block and Report for Spam” button, and the Twitter computer at the other end will look at those factors, see that it meets the criteria, and suspend the account.  SBU also notes that along with @ replies, diving into a hashtag too vigorously can also make one vulnerable. Think #STOPRUSH and some of the users who seemed to get dinged by this attack when they wandered into that tag.

Another warning issued by SBU is the fact that diving into fights with Lefty twitter users is a good way to have this attack launched against you.

SBU advises that users hit by this attack file a ticket with @support. He notes that if it seems they’re being a long time coming in responding to your to filing, to just be patient. If you submit one ticket, get frustrated and re-submit, then you essentially reset the clock on having an real human take a look at your situation.

Who’s Responsible

According to SBU, the originator of this attack seems to be one Neal Rauhauser. (Shocking I know). At the beginning of April, Rauhauser began to contact Charles Johnson (@lizardoid and of Little Green Footballs fame), an unholy alliance if there ever was one. Rauhauser passed this fun little exploit along to Jazzytail (Charles – see: his ponytail), and Jazzytail passed it along to HIS followers and comrades, with the specific intent of targeting conservative types.

SBU gathered some intel on Jazzytail and Co. actively using and talking about this campaign:

Jazzytail warning us “wingnuts” to be nice or we’ll get sent to the #TwitterGulag:

Jazzytail’s gestapo actively collaborating to send a user to #TwitterGulag :

Jazzytail’s gestapo confirming a successful attack:

We’ll be reporting more about this story soon.

Next Steps

Now here’s the question we have to ask ourselves, my friends. This tactic has been employed for a fair amount of time now, with a large segment of the #tcot community providing constant complaint to Twitter about it. And so far, nothing appears to be happening.

We can adjust our habits, but I’d rather not. This is an attack meant to discourage people from freely associating with those they want to, and there can be no doubt that it is, indeed, an attack on free speech. Hit one of Jazzytail’s criteria, and he’ll send his henchmen your way to click that Block and Report button.

But, seeing as how Twitter’s liberal bias is pretty well confirmed, perhaps if fire was fought with fire here, and a bunch of butthurt Lefty’s start complaining to Twitter about this particular exploit, something might actually happen.

Think on it.

Bellum letale.



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  • KenPrescott

    Mutual Assured Destruction kept the peace in the Cold War; it will work in the Twitter Wars.

    • http://twitter.com/gurdybean Gurdy Bean


  • Mackie72

    We shouldn’t stoop to their level.
    Ha ha!
    Yes, we should!!!

    • 723826

       Absolutely!!  we should all give them the fight they are so not used to!  It wasn’t us that created political correctness! It was them! and some (certainly, not me) on the right fell for it!  David Axelrod got a taste of the right fighting back like the left does… he didn’t know what to do with that!  Give them MORE!

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  • euphgeek

    Sounds to me like some pretty sound advice from Charles.  If someone harasses and stalks you on Twitter, simply block and report them. #TwitterGulagLOL

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  • http://twitter.com/lheal Loren Heal

    No, Gregg. If we do it, we will be the story. That’s the way it works. Think Occupy vs Tea Party. Now that Occupy has been misbehaving and breaking stuff, guess what would happen if a Tea Party behaved that way? It would lead the news for weeks and the DoJ would be all over them. Same deal here. We would not be ignored, either by Twitter or by the MSM.

  • http://twitter.com/AntonSirius Anton Sirius

    Without being able to see the contents of the blocked posts in that second pic, it does little to bolster your case that this is a coordinated action. And frankly, most of the timelines I’ve looked at of people who had their accounts suspended and then restored were doing things to warrant getting a Twitter timeout, either by trying to derail a hashtag or by harassing someone they disagreed with.

    Crying that this is a LGF/lefty plot just looks like a way to avoid taking responsibility for your own actions to me.

  • http://ptab-outoforder.blogspot.com/ Ptab01

    Yeah I am in My third round of Gulag time out – Pretty Stupefying – Considering Every day i petition for the release of suspended accounts regardless of their ideology

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  • pockmarknotorious


    The block and report feature isn’t completely automated.  I kinda stopped reading this post after that section, so I’m not sure if it screws up the narrative or not.  

    But since late 2009, the Trust and Safety team will investigate and review any and all report as spam accusations.    

    • http://twitter.com/GodDamnLush Vodka Drinker

      Investigate and review? Doubtful. It is suspend first, then once “owner” of account complains there might be a review.

  • catotheelder

    does it matter that this just isn’t true?

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/U6AW5RXNKGF7RMSZKQJN6JER3M William

    just sounds to me that once again the left is smarter than the right

  • Adrian

    It’s just so darn difficult to build a movement of paranoids.

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  • http://twitter.com/GoatRopeDC Bat Hunter

    I was targeted today and sent to twitter gulag for the crime of mocking leftists regarding the Wisconsin recall. @LeviathanLeap is apparently too frightening for liberals to handle…that’s the way I like it.

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  • http://twitter.com/Wakepedia Wakefield Tolbert

    What I DO know is this: Johnson for his part
    has been caught in buffoonery and lying before. In fact, he’s a chronic liar
    and shape-shifter and has altered his posts to go with the ideological flow and
    now leans more left than previously, and to this effect has even modified his
    previously anti-Islamic terror posts due to not wishing to be seen as a “wingnut”
    or too “Islamaphobic”.

    Nay, we sure as hell don’t want that, now do we? 

    Next,  I know is that if someone really *is* monitoring
    Twitter, as some claim,  it’s pretty damned obvious based on the gobs of
    lingering abusive  Leftie crap that gets a free pass all the time, that
    they do a piss poor job of is, and are apparently always on extended coffee and
    cig break;  so, we might as well say that some server somewhere is doing
    all the heavy lifting when it comes to banning people to the Gulag, and all
    this really depends on a truly coordinated effort in order to get the
    block/report volume necessary to be sent to the netheregions of Cyberia, the so
    called Gulag. 

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Yeager/1431738616 Paul Yeager

    Back in the gulag again… for the third time I think… just because someone did not like what I had to say. There was no profanity, except in the last post I saw from the blocker.

    There is no way that my account was suspended by a thinking and fair human being.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Yeager/1431738616 Paul Yeager

      Thanks to @mboogie18 for the block that sent me to the gulag.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Yeager/1431738616 Paul Yeager

      And then deleted here obscene post to me announcing she had blocked me. At least that is how it looks according to what I can still see on Twitter.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Yeager/1431738616 Paul Yeager

      I have reviewed all of Twitter’s rules. Can’t see any that I violated.

      It seems there is an unpublished rule – don’t annoy a liberal.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Lane/1401016048 David Lane

    Help, I have been sent to TwitterGulag. HistoryDave50

  • josheinstein

    They just suspended my ass today too. And I’ve never even so much as posted a Dropbox referral link. This is shit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Lane/1401016048 David Lane

    I’m back in the Gulag! I sent a couple of sarcastic tweets toward @Toure, Now I’m in Siberia.

  • http://twitter.com/BigEd78859917 Big Ed

    Apparently The @Psysamurai33317 was targeted today by leftist no amused by his rants against the Obama Administration and the corruption in the US Gov’t. Silencing voices seeking truth is a methodology of Fascists attacking our Freedom of Speech. Book burners, all.

  • Martin Wilfork

    I got locked up by Twitter gulag a few minutes ago responding to lefty who spams #Latino and #Obama2012 who claims Romney is lying about Obama gutting welfare reform. He (his icon is a woman) posts 20 times a day at least, with no facts or broken links.

  • Martin Wilfork

    Gulag only lasted one day thankfully! There are so many Obama supporters spamming political channels with outright lies. Its going to be tough holding back on unsolicited responses to correct them with links and facts.

  • duckyack

    Very interesting! I was just speaking with another about how we might begin to play by their rules–draw first blood, implement first strike, and use overall left-wing, tactics. We are not doing well with the rules of engagement, honor, and integrity. Sometimes, in order to defend oneself, one has to get down into the dirt with the enemy!

  • http://twitter.com/PRoorbach Pam Roorbach

    Makes me so angry. This female did not like the teuth about BO. Only the left has freedo. of speech nowadays.

  • Ann Winthrop

    Stooping to their level doesn’t work for 1 big reason, by the time a real human reviews, the troll has deleted any goading or nasty twe, ets to you, making it seem as the conversation is 1 sided. This ensures the human will suspend your acct. for at least 24 hours, starting another clock, the how many times have you been suspended clock. This is how folks end up permanently suspended. Twitter’s policy evolves over time, and the evolution, along with the way they carry out their suspension activitiesfurther proves their bias is in this case. The Answer: not sure…yet. But there are ways to say what you want and protect yourself. You just can’t always talk @ people.

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    Talking to long to people you don’t follow and who don’t follow you will also get you put on suspension, following others too fast, (or being followed too fast) makes their computer think you are using a program to increase your followers. I was suspended first day on the site because I have 5000 friends on FB many of which followed me when I started on twitter, or I followed right away. Got me suspended for nearly a week. Apparently there is a robo program for following they dont want you to use. I block lefties after two or so posts if they are obnoxious, no point in letting them do it first. Haven’t been suspended for some time now, but I also limit my tweets so I don’t set off their limitation bot. For a social network they aren’t much on letting you socialize, they allow libs to censor you and make you frustrated. Just be smarter than their bots and liberals and you will be fine.

  • V. P.

    Whatever happened to just ignoring people you don’t care to engage with. I have been suspended after replying to a reporter’s post. What the hell is that about? CNN reporter, Sunny Hostin. Anyway, it is ridiculous that these bullies aren’t told to just block.

  • reluctantzealot

    I was thrown into twitter’s gulag an it’s been almost 2 weeks and they refuse to even respond to my emails requesting 1) what i did and 2) an archive of my tweets. I had almost 3,000 followers under one account. I’ve about decided that I should set up multiple email accounts and back up twitter accounts since customer service at twitter is non existent.

  • HanaFiveO

    Been in Twitmo for a month now. The more things change, the more they stay the same.