Breitbart’s Last Night, Part 2: From TwitterGate to WeinerGate to SWATterGate – How Did It Come to This?

Editor’s note: We sought corroboration for the information that was presented by Michelle/Zapem, but we never got any. Internally, we had many conversations about publishing this information without corroboration and decided we’d move forward and add a caveat. The “Steve Chandler”  persona was never associated with anything more than a gmail address as far as we know. We’re doubtful of Steve’s existence from the outset, but that’s the only “person” Zapem ever presented to corroborate her story. She tried to make the claim that her “team members” didn’t want to talk to journalists, but here they were supposedly talking to Andrew Breitbart who wasn’t even a conservative – the conservative ideology was claimed as the driving ideology behind this so-called “Undead Revolution” group. We found the behavior of Zapem dubious all the way around and that was before her death threats made against Brooks Bayne by her associate Jeffrey Joy

In our first report, we acknowledged and applauded Andrew Breitbart’s legacy and his decision to properly and legally do everything he could to help Conservative citizen-journalists expose the radical organizational and intimidation tactics of Left-wing cyber-thug Neal Rauhauser, associate of convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin and his big-name funded 501(C) non-profit “Velvet Revolution.”

Since a personal threat made against seasoned journalist Robert Stacy McCain prompted him to move his family out of their home and to an undisclosed location following the publication of his first report on Brett [Read: R.S. McCain’s report on the latest developments in “The Kimberlin Files”], the Conservative blogosphere has come together on this case in unique form, function and effect: what the great Professor Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) described in his tome An Army of Davids.

With so many voices engaged in this story, it became nigh impossible for the Team Kimberlin and company strategy of verbal, professional and legal intimidation to continue to be practically effective.  This has been a heartening sign to those who’ve been directly subjected to these brutal machinations, what former law enforcement officer Peter Bella accurately described as true “domestic extremism” in the Washington Examiner June 28th.

Andrew Breitbart would’ve been extremely proud of this demonstration of solidarity and commitment from Conservative New Media citizen-journalists which indefatigably brought new light and new perspectives in a professional fashion to a disturbing situation that did not fit any convenient narrative for the Mainstream Media’s agenda, or what Breitbart called the “Democrat Media Complex.”  Most Conservatives would agree that if a group or individuals were engaging in the types of activities identical to Velvet Revolution, Brett Kimberlin, and Neal Rauhauser were instead affiliated with the Tea Party or Republican Party, the story would be national political news for weeks until both respective brands had been thoroughly dragged through the mud.

In part one of this series, a lingering question remained of what exactly had transpired in the years leading up to the contemporary era of the Kimberlin/Rauhauser Saga.  How did it come to this when warning signs about the criminal history of Brett Kimberlin and radical behavior of Neal Rauhauser had reached the radars of influence of Conservative media figures like Breitbart and his staff; even before Neal joined up with Brett after the scandal of former Rep. Anthony Weiner?

Immediately following this tweet, blogger Greg W. Howard, exasperated by the months’ long dealings of political operatives Rauhauser and his e-thug “Beandogs” conducting a consistent, professional effort to personally destroy his reputation, confronted Breitbart on Twitter.  Anyone who has interacted with Mr. Howard knows that the Marine Corps. veteran is not one to mince words.  After a heated exchange which can be read in full at Greg’s Blog, Breitbart blocked Howard and their relationship ended on bitter terms. Read the full exchange at Greg’s blog.

Greg and The Trenches’ Patrick Read (whose wedding suffered at the hands of these leftist thugs due to their harassment of many of the participants, including the pastor, who’s related to Justice Scalia – more on this soon) had already posted a full report on Neal Rauhauser and his political/social media consulting company Progressive PST in the first exposé of “TwitterGate.”  The strikingly well-documented presentation of Rauhauser’s online activities and political connections, compiled by Read, hosted on Greg’s website, and with lead research efforts by ZAPEM and her team, all of whom had been targets of Neal’s “Right Wing Watch” site became the basis for a YouTube video on the matter, which generated broader interest in the TwitterGate story, including coverage by Stacy McCain: “BUSTED! Video Documents Role of Democrat Consultant Neal Rauhauser in Smear Campaign Against Tea Party”  and “TwitterGate Update: Neal Rauhauser Switches Account to ‘Protected’ Status

Mandy Nagy reaches out to ZAPEM after the release of the TwitterGate video for more information to assemble a report on the matter.

Internal emails released to The Trenches verify that journalists at were in possession of the same research data as Howard and Read.  The full technical investigative report, which was sent to all major Conservative news media outlets on 9/20/10, can be viewed here:

Indeed, early indications were that from at least Mandy Nagy (Liberty Chick), Pat Dollard and Dan Riehl all had expressed interest in immediately publishing stories based on the investigative research, starting in late September before the Howard/Read piece and moving into early October, 2010.  Dana Loesch reviews TwitterGate at PJTV on 10/8/10 .

The coverage never fully materialized on Breitbart’s ‘Big’ Sites, due possibly to the convoluted nature of Rauhauser’s tactics of “social engineering,” or the intentional use of disinformation campaigns to stir up and exacerbate personal feuds and call into question the integrity of those involved in the story on the Right.  However, on October 11 Mandy published her report on Brett Kimberlin and Velvet Revolution, as did Patrick “Patterico” Frey, both of whom were threatened with legal action for their posts that same day.  This was done with the help of early legwork from Liberal blogger Seth Allen, who had been handled so severely by Kimberlin he wrote a faux-joke about desiring to kill him (rhetoric which Nagy reported to the authorities, resulting in Allen’s arrest).  Neal Rauhauser is not believed to have been strongly associated with Brett Kimberlin at this time, and the TwitterGate story lost steam.

By February 1, 2011, Velvet Revolution was hosting at least fourteen different sites representing specific Left-wing political/media operations targeting influential Conservatives.  One of those was By May, 2011, the threat of a lawsuit by Shirley Sherrod became likely. [Correction: Larry O’Connor has informed us that the Sherrod lawsuit was filed in January 2011 -MH].  This was a recognizable play for those familiar with the abuse of “lawfare” in Kimberlin’s schemes.

With Kimberlin bringing this level of well-funded political and legal organizational intensity to bear against Breitbart, one might sympathize with why Andrew was hesitant to continue pursuing Brett’s organization through his publication, as it might’ve put him in a compromising legal position with a diabolically exploitive scumbag.  This is the sinister effectiveness of Kimberlin’s strategy to use the costs of litigation to silence and intimidate Conservative journalists.  Sarah Palin and indeed many Conservatives have endured this treatment.

Velvet Revolution had played a role in PR for anti-Breitbart efforts against James O’Keefe [Read, from Patterico: Is the New Hampshire A.G. Investigating James O’Keefe Working with Brett Kimberlin Associate Neal Rauhauser?], and encouraged lawfare on behalf of Shirley Sherrod.  However it was the Twitter scandal of Rep. Anthony Weiner which spurned Kimberlin to begin his association with Neal Rauhauser, who quickly escalated matters to a new degree.

Rauhauser was an early and fierce advocate of “Weiner Trutherism:” the absurd conspiracy theory that WeinerGate was a setup by Dan Wolfe, Mike Stack, and whoever else is on Neal’s hate list.  As is known, Dan Wolfe disappeared back into anonymity.  Stack, however, became the target of the most vicious and consistent harassment effort among anyone yet. Through his new collaborations with Kimberlin, Neal was back with his army of sock-puppets new and old; using the same old dirty social narrative engineering and harassment tricks, but with some radical new ones too, befitting of a previously convicted domestic terrorist like Brett Kimberlin.

On June 23, 2011, being the only publicly identifiable figure at the epicenter of WeinerGate, with conspiracy fueled Leftists subjecting him to frightening and relentless daily slander and real-life stalking, Mike Stack was SWATted. One week later on the night of June 30, Patrick Frey, who’d continued his pursuit of Kimberlin endured a very nightmarish SWATting too. He just reflected on the passing of the one year anniversary of this.

On July 4, 2011, Rauhauser wrote a bizarre piece at the Daily KOS attempting to frame Patterico, Seth Allen, and Mike Stack all as co-conspirators in WeinerGate. This piece was cited also in Stacy McCain’s report yesterday.

Mandy reaches out to ZAPEM for assistance again, joking about Michelle being a notorious Rauhauser “Beandog” troll, GregWBlowhard

With the situation having reached an entirely new level, on August 11, 2011, Mandy was continuing to try and inform Breitbart and others about the need for greater coverage of the situation and sought research assistance.  This prompted another cache of investigations which were delivered to Mandy, Patrick, and Mike for further action.  However, with all of them, including Breitbart, now entangled in either lawsuits or the threat therein, the story remained out of the spotlight. [Added: Patterico did not release the details of his SWATting to the public during the extent of the official investigation, where, frustratingly, no charges were filed.  With the case closed, Patterico returned to reporting on Kimberlin and Rauhauser with renewed determination, while also continuing to investigate his own SWATting and urge Law Enforcement to reopen his case and examine leads which were not properly investigated. -MH]. Ms. Nagy asserts that getting Breitbart and especially editor Joel Pollak to understand the severity of these cyber-tactics was difficult.  Team Kimberlin was winning.

As has been previously chronicled, Andrew Breitbart became very actively engaged in this story late last year and the early months of this one, right into the hours before he passed away.  Controversy has arisen lately about a final cache of research, in the possession of some within current and former staff, that was sent to Andrew the night that he died (there is a dispute over whether it was received before or after his passing).  Rather than speculate as to the motives of those involved currently in a disinformation campaign against this publication and sources who’ve been a vital part of moving this story forward, we refer to this excerpt of an email response to The Trenches from Chris, Project Manager of the activist and research group “Undead Revolution:”

“As the conversation [with Andrew] progressed and our members felt more at ease at his surprise appearance, we conveyed our dismay at the lack of media attention given to said 2010 events.  We intimated to Mr. Breitbart that had these events been dealt with at the time in a legal and professional manner, Mr. Rauhauser would not have had the effrontery he exhibited in Weinergate with Mr. Stack, nor would he have flaunted his alleged involvement with hacker groups, Congress, espionage and other assorted audacities. We provided examples to that concern with technical data proving an organized structure against targets which also included him by name from data accumulated by our researchers.  Such examples were met with surprise and agitation on Mr. Breitbart’s part, to which he clearly acquiesced with a promise that he would be pursuing these stories from beginning to end.

It is my understanding that Mr. Breitbart had asked Michelle for e-mails containing a bullet-point synopsis of both his telephone conversation with her and the voice-chat discussion with us, which was provided.  While Mr. Breitbart could have received the first synopsis, it is clearly impossible that he received the last.”

Maybe this is why; Chris from Undead Revolution continues:

“To all persons involved, the latest threat by employees at to reveal any e-mail containing law enforcement information, ongoing investigations and names contained therein, is highly irregular, unethical and unwise, regardless of whether or not Mr. Breitbart shared the initial information with his employees, in direct disregard for the disclaimer prohibiting disclosure which was made a part of the correspondence itself.  I understand these objections have been brought to the attention of Mr. Breitbart’s business partner and attorney, Mr. Larry Solov this past week.”


It is unfortunate that certain reporters and activists in the blogosphere have recently talked about a course of action potentially resulting in this very outcome.  It is this blogger’s conclusion that Team Kimberlin/Rauhauser intentionally employ social engineering and disinformation through sock-puppets and help from odd characters like Ron Brynaert to exacerbate personal conflicts between Conservatives in efforts to get them to conspire against or fight with one another, thereby making those feuds the focus of the story and detracting from anyone’s ability to properly or effectively focus on the true radicals in our midst.  It is my hope that by the presentation of the data within this timeline, the Conservative movement may become more collectively aware of who and what we are up against, and learn from the past to more effectively counter these types of organized Leftist operations in the future.

This has been an exercise to provide neutral objective facts through neutral objective journalism in the desire to help our readers understand further context behind the course of events which have lead to our present involvement in the Brett Kimberlin & Neal Rauhauser saga and those who have been apart of it.  We will continue to investigate the situation and report as necessary, striving to meet our highest ideals and standards of journalism and publishing that our Lamestream Media have so egregiously abandoned, until Truth and Justice are served.

Bellum Letale

“..We’ll take care of the heavy lifting down here in trenches.” – Greg W. Howard

UPDATE: Larry O’Connor and Patrick Frey have both provided corrections to the technical data in this timeline which has been marked accordingly.  I appreciate their reading and aiding in the accuracy of this piece.

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Matt is 26 and has been active for three years in the Tea Party coalition of San Diego, California, on the peripherals of talk radio and the Conservative blogosphere [hat-tip to the community at], and is a chartering member of the Conservative activist youth group Resist44. He works two jobs, is studying cybersecurity, and is all in to help restore America to founding principles. "quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas" - II Samuel

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    This article says: “This prompted another cache of investigations which were delivered to Mandy, Patrick, and Mike for further action. However, with all of them, including Breitbart, now entangled in either lawsuits or the threat therein, the story remained out of the spotlight.” Actually, the threat of a lawsuit did not keep the story out of the spotlight, as far as I was concerned. What kept me from writing about it was an ongoing law enforcement investigation. Many people advised me that writing about the story during such an investigation would make the FBI less likely to pursue the case. I wrote about the SWATting after all law enforcement investigations had been closed. At that point I decided to write about my SWATting, to spur law enforcement to act.

    • Noctis Lucis Caelum

      Thank you for the correction, Mr. Frey. I did not check the date on the link which you quoted in your One Year Anniversary post and mistook the quote to be from a post on the day after the SWATting. My apologies for the oversight, the post will be updated. Thank you for your work throughout this case and hope those who came after you are dealt with soon.

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    The post says “By May, 2011, the threat of a lawsuit by Shirley Sherrod became likely. ” Andrew and I were served in Feb 2011. The lawsuit was filed last day of Jan. 2011.

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            Otherwise, you more than have permission to provide your insights here. Anything which helps us understand the context of the timeline further. We are continuing to look at just how virulently Brett Kimberlin’s organization had as a target for lawfare.. for years, spanning several different cases.

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