A Financial Scam Emerges – Ego, Deceit and Lies, Oh My!

I have had to delay writing this article after several fits and starts due to my anger, rage and personal affront. I shall endeavor to be as calm and analytical as possible even as my gut clenches and roils in disgust, both at the players and at myself for being so incredulous as to be sucked in and used so poorly.

The reason? The dump yesterday of documents relating to the entire back story of “Everyone Draw Mohammad”, the fight with Brett Kimberlin, the firing of Aaron Walker, the involvement of Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, Dan Backer, the ACLJ and Michelle Malkin in an escalating butt-hurt pissing contest arising out of the Anthony Weiner story that evolves into a multi-jurisdictional financial scam.

Why am I aware of this dump when not a word has been so much as breathed in the dextrosphere? Because I do not listen to just the right channel of my stereo, why should I limit my reading to only “conservative” blogs, news sites or channels? I want the full symphony, so I read a full spectrum for truth is truth no matter who says it or what their motivation is. 

Without reading truth, one cannot know BS.

Aaron Walker (who blogged as Aaron Worthing) was involved as the proprietor of a blog known as “Everybody Draw Mohammad” that he apparently spent a considerable amount of time on, time during which he was a paid employee of a company that had no connection to the blog, and which became quite irate once they were made aware that he was spending time on it instead of the company’s business. This is a form of theft, the accepting of payment for services not rendered. Along with using the company’s facilities and computer network to foster his obsession, for the documents show that this behavior was in fact obsessive, leading to his termination. The reasons for his actual termination are set forth here:

The foregoing screen caps show the email exchange, Aaron’s justification for his actions prior to his termination and his former employer’s actual reasons for terminating Aaron, not the deception or the victimhood narrative!

This is someone whom I should give up my honor to believe, assist, give money to? A lying liar? A thief who steals time, resources and a paycheck from his employer by doing no work for the employer, only following his mania and hatred, thus endangering the employer’s livelihood, employees and facilities?

I became aware of the “official” narrative of this situation via Stacy McCain on his blog The Other McCain when Stacy began reporting on it in mid-May of this year, by linking to Aaron’s 24,000+ word screed and manifesto of victimhood published on Aaron’s blog Allergic to Bull. Of course, as I was (and I consider myself still to be) a neophyte conservative blogger, I was caught up in the seriousness of the apparent story and became involved by writing about Kimberlin. Still unaware of the fuller back story and how the various players were (and are) related to each other, I kept at it through the end of May and into June.

Being a former con-artist, I have a particular sensitivity to scams and cons and have written about my perceptions of certain overt cons as well as my suspicions of others. This last I published on June 9th, 2012 when I withdrew my support for the National Bloggers Club, an organization that had leaped to the assistance of Aaron Walker when he lost his job (not in May/June as one may assume from Aaron’s narrative) in January:

This is a screen cap from the document dump I have spent the past 12 hours delving into, a document dump made available by Bill Schmalfeldt, the editor at The Patriot-Ombudsman, at potential risk of prosecution.

To say that I started to smell something rotten with the NBC is an understatement and the document dump yesterday confirmed my guess and opened my eyes to a much more extensive scam, or as prosecutors like to say, a “scheme to defraud”.

Of course, if you have ever read my blog and the attacks that that small post engendered, you would be amazed! The amount of hate focused on me, the attacks, the hate! You would think my tiny blog, with an average readership of about 250 per day, was as influential as the Breitbart blogs! I was effectively silenced, my voice of reason and sanity, my questioning of that “smell” emanating from the folks involved pooh-poohed and ignored.

Yet, I kept digging in the background and probably brought more and more derision because I refused to “toe the line” set by these “faux” conservatives. The deeper I would dig, the more the data points appeared but there was no easily discernible pattern. I simply was not aware enough of the back story, the relationships and interconnections between players I had not heard of.

The level of distributed effort between, in chief, Aaron Walker, Patrick Frey, Mandy Nagy, “Dustin”, Seth Allen and various attorneys is simply mind boggling and not discernible without the emails contained in the aforementioned document dump. With these emails I can now see how many of the other later players in this scam were sucked in, including everyone who contributed to the Lee Stranahan fomented “Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day”, including myself.

If I had been aware of a tenth of the real back story, I would have run screaming in the other direction instead of lending my name and (somewhat tarnished) honor to it! How disingenuous to present patent falsehoods as “truth” to skew the narrative, establish victimhood and set in motion an elaborate financial scam involving a felon named Ali Akbar and associates of his in earlier financial scams aimed at conservative pocket-books like Dan Backer, using a switch con that when Ali was burned by liberals who posted the truth about his criminal past, switched into place Dan Backer and his associates for the real financial pay-off.

Con-Artist 101 stuff! Establish a front with someone who is personable and is touted as a stand-up guy (but whom you know to have skeletons that can be found out) to create a sympathetic figure helping out these poor put-upon victims in their hour of need. Co-opt in several “well-known” and recognizable names (Malkin, McCain, etc.) to give validity to the scam and wait with the real professional scammers in the wings for the opposition to find the skeletons of the front man (Ali). If they don’t do so immediately, behind the scenes, crank up the heat with fake SWATings, people taking photos of other bloggers homes (like mine, I still have no idea who did that or to whom they reported) to increase the possibility of the front-man’s skeletons being fully disclosed to hype up the narrative and polarize the blogosphere. Create an atmosphere where their voices are trusted and listened to (as well as generate hits that equal MONEY for monetized blogs like McCain’s and Malkin’s) and believed.

Generate outrage when the front-man is outed and slip in the real money-generating group, Dan Backer and DB Associates as a so-called “transparent” 501 c (3) non-profit, tie in the ACLJ and voila! The con is in place and ticking along nicely. Keep up the pressure by bringing in as co-signers other innocent conservative bloggers to keep sounding the alarm and generating cash-flow, defrauding as many conservatives as possible of their hard-earned money, rinse and repeat on a daily basis. When a nosy-Parker like Jerry Wilson, myself, Brooks Bayne or anyone else questions them or reveals parts of the con, go on the attack using Ali, Lee Stranahan, etc. as bully boys to silence the questioners. Get the deceived choir to go along and shut-down questions “until after the election” when the financial scam will be forgotten and the thieves vacation and begin planning their next con.

The document dump itself, the massive amount of emails and the blatant collusion evidenced by them is disgusting, sobering and enraging. I, as well as everyone who bought into the false narrative, have been manipulated, deceived and defrauded of our honor, time, belief and hard earned cash. This deceit does not accrue to any political party or real conservative organization, rather, it accrues to the individuals themselves, the organizations, blogs and/or publications they represent.

I expect that I will be vilified, attacked and abandoned by the few remaining folks that follow my blog because I dare attack the sacred cows of the dextrosphere, pointing out their questionable actions and questionable statements. I shall truly become a pariah among the right.

So be it! In the service of truth I will surrender all, in the path of redemption I will abandon man’s opinion of my actions and hold my head high. I will remove more of the tarnish from my honor before God by speaking the truth as I see it, the truth as I understand it, the truth as I know it.





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  • http://twitter.com/Xcitizen10 XCitizen10

    Awesome post my friend. this is kit and caboodle fraud, and Backer (et al) should be outed as frauds. This is not by coincidence, it’s by design.

    • http://anexconsview.wordpress.com/ Paul H. Lemmen

      I truly believe so. As a fairly successful con-artist I caught the whiff early on but was dissuaded from nosing too deep by the cheerleaders of the false narrative. It wasn’t until I withdrew my support for the NBC and I caught wind of Ali’s real background that I became disenchanted with the neocons (of convenience) and explored deeper.

  • http://twitter.com/mark_scudder Mark Scudder

    I was too busy doing my thing to get into any of this stuff when it happened, but I can tell you that Mandy Nagy jumped down my throat when I suggested that organizations who purport to want to “take back the culture” tell their followers about what I was doing. She was one of those who essentially says “yeah, I’m a failed songwriter too, why don’t you send me your stuff for free so I can tell you what’s wrong with it.” I have never really liked the “capitalizing capitalists,” people who will churn out shit just because shit sells, and I’ve been made to feel like a non-conservative; worse, an idiot, for believing that what I do should have merit and passion behind it. I am not a vengeful guy, but I can’t say I’m surprised someone like that was caught up in something heinous like this.

    We all have idols. Some of us struggle with it, some of us indulge. I hope that someday soon some of these so-called “conservative idols” like Malkin will be replaced with people who really want to change the culture, and not just shut out others so they can have the monopoly on the look-what-the-awful-liberals-are-doing blog market. I don’t know what else to say about this. I guess I was blessed with so thin of a skin that I made a decision, as soon as people like Nagy started to kick me around, that I didn’t have to accept that and removed them from my sight. Therefore I missed a lot of what they were parroting. I guess I’m glad, but sorry you had to go through what you did, Brooks.

    Looking back I guess there were some pretty good salespeople who really didn’t have a true conservative ideology in their hearts, who capitalized on the growing feeling expressed by the Tea Party types and made off with the spoils. Meanwhile, a lot of us true conservatives are sitting here wondering, do I need to become adept at a used-car-salesman or Guy-Smiley-like demeanor to get my message out there? And what’s worse, “pundits” like Malkin have enforced the liberal ideology that “it takes a village” – who in the grassroots conservative movement becomes successful without her blessing, or Dana Loesch’s, or a dozen other idols? So we are teaching conservatives, individualists, Tea Partiers, suck up to Malkin, Loesch, Beck, and their acolytes or starve. Galt’s mountain this ain’t.

    As a human and a Christian, I forgive them. As a businessman and a idealist I hope their crimes and hatred filter them out of the market so people who deserve to be there can be. What’s going on in this country needs to be fixed. The people who are selling rage and hatred and look-at-what-this-liberal-said-today are part of the problem. Should Romney defeat Obama next week, and we can point to these retards as the reason why, then haven’t we still lost?

    • http://brooksbayne.com brooksbayne

      sorry for the confusion. i wasn’t the author. we’ve fixed that issue with our system. paul lemmen is the author.

      • http://anexconsview.wordpress.com/ Paul H. Lemmen

        Thanks for the correction Brooks!

        • http://twitter.com/mark_scudder Mark Scudder

          Thanks for the correction, and thanks for doing this, Paul.

          • http://anexconsview.wordpress.com/ Paul H. Lemmen

            Thanks Mark, encouraging words from someone I respect.

    • http://anexconsview.wordpress.com/ Paul H. Lemmen

      In the end I believe you are correct. Whenever we sell our honor, our birthright, for a virtual bowl of pottage, we are left empty and bereft of our honor, and still hunger for true Liberty and justice …

    • http://brooksbayne.com brooksbayne

      mark, the common thread with most of the people that paul named and that you named is that they’re all “former” leftists. i don’t think they realize how much they relapse into that overly dramatic “it takes a village” collectivist foot-stomping that they do so often. there are other issues present with these people who claim that they’ve adopted conservatism which paul touches on here.

      principles are core. they can’t just wake up one day and pretend that they’re conservative for the purpose of trying to make a buck. neither can they pretend to be conservatives just because they’ve gotten mad at the far leftist psychos standing next to them at democrat rallies. latent disenfranchisement with marxism doesn’t make them conservatives either.

      what we’ve seen is that if these former leftists are not true to what they claim to be, eventually they’ll be outed, and social media is speeding that process up for some of these shysters.

      another point to ponder… at what point will conservatives gravitate toward the thinkers who are putting forth america’s first principles rather than these schmucks who simply claim that they’re doing so, but are instead acting just like their former leftist comrades with regard to their policial correctness and “village” thinking? hopefully conservatives will intentionally pick core conservative thought leaders to listen to sooner rather than later. we don’t need any more of these lying liars who lie or their ideological pals to cover for them. look at where the former leftists lead you… months long forays into fabricated bullshit while they smear everyone who calls them out without the smoking gun. fortunately someone came forward with the smoking gun in this case and leaked these emails.

      so, another group of “former” leftist shysters has been outed. will they admit it? will they be contrite? to date, not a single person we’ve outed so far has shown any contrition. should we expect this situation to be any different? i’m not counting on it. ymmv.

      • http://anexconsview.wordpress.com/ Paul H. Lemmen

        Great points Brooks, yet it’s close to a zero-sum game at this point. That being said, my rather dented and tarnished honor demanded I speak out as I have.

        • http://brooksbayne.com brooksbayne

          the lies and deceit have to be exposed. the attacks, defamation, whisper campaigns, and threats that many have suffered at the hands of a small group of undeserving and dishonorable collectivist power brokers in our ranks require such exposure.

          and to think… we’re just getting started. sucks to be them.

  • http://twitter.com/KathleenSweets Kathleen

    WOW! Whats to say! What kind of #LowLife would do such “deceitful” stuff like that? And then to be on the receiving side of the scandal and believe, trust and give money to someone to be scammed and taken for a fool! Boy I would……..@@@@@!!!!

    Nice read #Kudus Paul #Bayneson , TheTrenches and Stacy McCain

    • http://brooksbayne.com brooksbayne

      mccain’s actually complicit or willfully ignorant in all this. i don’t know that kudos are in order. perhaps he just hasn’t seen the light with regard to some of these other people. maybe that will change, but he seems to revel in the echo chamber attacks on us. time will tell if he deserves some time in the spotlight or not.

      • http://twitter.com/BreitbartUnmask BreitbartUnmasked

        McCain is still trying to cover it all up by claiming its all supposed to be a secret that only the court should be allowed to see. I can see where that narrative would have ended up upon dismissal of their VA case. The narrative would have probably been they dismissed it because the federal case was more important, so they need more money to pour into it, please donate now. Or the VA case was dismissed on a fine point error we made, and we are going to refile it and we need more money to bring in more lawyers to fight it, so please donate now. Or the case was dismissed on some fine point error and we have decided that the Judge is part of Team Kimberlin, and because of that we had to move to another judicial forum because the judge in the VA case was corrupted by Kimberlin, so please donate now so we can find a judge that will be on “OUR” side.

        Its all a money game to them: how much, how often, and how quickly can they make that money before it all comes apart are the only questions.

        Fraudsters operate on make money fast principals. Paul should know this as its grifter 101 lol. The more suckers they can reel in the harder it will be to debunk the scam. Once debunked, they will either continue it and claim its all some conspiracy to stop them, or because those suckers complained that they made too many mistakes – which they will admit too, but then claim they are now in the process of correcting just so they can continue it. Fraud is fraud no matter how it is executed. Backer uses a non profit charity to launder said funds because the earlier fraud from Akbar and the National Bloggers Club was exposed. Backer then steps in to bring the Jimmy Clean Hands approach to the grift – despite the fact that Backer had been paying Akbar more than 15k a year on other scams years prior. No, suckers are not supposed to pay any attention to that.

        Backer then continues it hoping for press, social media and money from gullible sheep who will easily fall for his Jimmy Clean Hands approach. Money then flows more than it would have flowed under Akbar, and it all looks sweet until the facts came out. Now that they are out those involved in the scam will either keep quiet, run for the hills, or claim that this information isn’t supposed to be out there because its all illegal or obtained illegally, therefore their scams should continue on because of it. Ignore the man behind the curtain they will say, because they are still viable as money makers no matter how the facts show they are not, or at least shouldn’t be..

        Walker’s current silence of course is testimony to his frauds. (I am sure that some are calling for him to write something to spin it so the fraud can go on) His silence is strange, partly because not long ago he would make 40000 word posts based on one tweet. Now, in light of all the evidence posted about his frauds, he is blocking people on Twitter and acting like no one is looking at him or others who were deeply involved in his scams. They are probably telling him to think: it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen. Ignore it and it will go away. We will bring in the big traffic guys to repudiate it all. So make no comments, give no statements, because we will make sure that those who read it will be told that its all bullshit or made up or part of some illegality, and we will tell them: if you talk about it you too will be held to account, and you too will face jail, fines, court costs, lawsuits etc. Ignore it, stay with us, stay on point, and ye shall be rewarded with web traffic, linky love and perks, lots of perks…

        Yes, a scam to behold…

        • http://twitter.com/NealRauhauser Neal Rauhauser

          Conservatives are incensed by Walker’s walking papers from his former employer, but what I saw after one read was a false reporting conspiracy with Pat Frey, Aaron Walker, Mandy Nagy, and Dustin Farahnak right in the middle of it. I have recently begun to discuss on my blog how and when 18 USC § 1512 begins to apply, and I skipped right over the Dallas FBI office running the undercover operation and went to the Dallas Office of the Inspector General. So now Backer, Frey, and Walker have a conundrum – doesn’t matter how they spin this alleged sealing business, federal criminal investigation trumps that, and that stuff is evidence for the fabricated criminal charges in New Jersey, too.

          The contents are out, they know I’ve called for an investigation, and the contents of the discovery provide the clear outline of a conspiracy. If they step up again with some new spin, but somebody does get indicted for the earlier stuff, then it’s 18 USC § 1512(k)

          “Whoever conspires to commit any offense under this section shall be subject to the same penalties as those prescribed for the offense the commission of which was the object of the conspiracy.”

          So … decision time. I bet Walker gets cut loose due to the risks associated with proceeding.

    • http://brooksbayne.com brooksbayne

      oh, and paul lemmen is the author. however, we’ve all had similar experiences from many of these lying liars, just as paul has.

  • http://twitter.com/BradleySRees Bradley S. Rees

    Great post, Paul. As a former con man, you are better able than most of us to spot a con game.

    Back in June, when you called out Ali & NBC, I was a bit of a skeptic. And I bought into the instant smear job and whisper campaign conducted against you by several on “our side.”

    Conveniently enough, as it turns out, the same ones attempting to smear and silence you back then are some of the exact same names we now know are up to their necks in this Bloggers Club/Defense switcharoo.

    Curioser and curioser.

    Great work helping expose their deceit, Paul. And know that we here at The Trenches will stand watch with you, to protect the gullible and willfully ignorant from themselves.

    • http://twitter.com/Xcitizen10 XCitizen10

      I feel even more cheated (butthurt). The Diary of Daedalus signed onto this narrative, in sum total. It was only I and simper that sought truth outside of this enclave. Now all of them look foolish and the truth stings like a hangover piss. I can’t believe this group of fake conservatives actually *conspired* to manufacture this conspiracy and even sold it to semi-famus media. These idiots could even throw the election with this behavior. In addition, I know George Washington’s approach to this.

      I hope they are admonished from conservativism forever, and the penalties are black balling for eternity.

      • http://anexconsview.wordpress.com/ Paul H. Lemmen

        Having been blacklisted, blackballed, whatever, I know the pain and depression that accompany this. To write articles that should be linked to and repubed across the dextrosphere get 4 or 5 views and no links, no amount of publicity on social media works and readership dwindles to single digits.

        To have no hope of that ever changing would be shattering! I thank God above that some folks still hear my voice!

      • http://twitter.com/SemperBanU Charlie Johnson

        As I said in my prior comment, I trolled @Lizardoid for being a hysteria whore only to get caught up in the manufactured hysteria from Naggy / Frey / Walker et al. Then – when you call them on it, however gently, you get the full treatment.

        Fucking sham.

        And to think these people are considered “influential new media conservatives.”

        Conservatism rots when we don’t rid it of the opportunists who exploit it. Medicare Part D and the hugely invasive bureaucracy that is DHS are examples of what happens when conservatism is used as a label rather than a set of principles.

  • http://twitter.com/Linnlondon1 Linda


    • http://brooksbayne.com brooksbayne

      i know, right?! thanks for making an appearance, miss.

  • http://twitter.com/rdeankeen Ronnie

    I for one am thankful that we have PATRIOTS that say to hell with popularity or notoriety to delve in and reveal TRUTH. Regardless what political side you’re on you should and will be accountable. Great article, thank you for your courage to go against the popular to expose truth. People should be made aware of these cons.

  • kimvy

    Nice post. It’s not a surprise that you were burned for daring to challenge the status quo through a few questions. It’s starting to become abundantly clear that this particular echo chamber is no better than their brethren on the left. What I find stunning and in a lot of ways hilarious is that if the liberals were pulling this crap, the same bad actors would be all over them.

    It seems that the allure of being a big cheese in a small pond or one of the cool kids is too much to resist. Thank you, The Trenches, for letting us know who to keep our distances from so when the inevitable implosion happens we are far, far away.

    I’m really sorry that you had to go through this, Paul. I appreciate you sharing your story.

    • http://anexconsview.wordpress.com/ Paul H. Lemmen

      Thanks for your kind words! I would go through a whole lot worse in defense of truth and in service of honor.

  • Ben Froland

    I don’t understand how any of the folks involved in this ruse have a shred of credibility left. Ali’s overly dramatic and less than truthful mea culpa was the first event that raised my suspicions. Of course when I stated that it sounded too over the top he blocked me and we can all see why. It was just the tip of the iceberg and Mr. Lemmen has done a great job of ferreting out the rest of the story and explaining via his unique background.

    I’m getting tired of these “anti far-leftists” propping themselves up as conservatives via these shameful tactics. Wake up people! Not only are they not conservative, they’re not even principled leftists! Theft and lies should be universally denounced. It is sad that liberal websites are now exposing these frauds and their despicable behavior as well and it is reflecting poorly on true conservatives. Without scruples and absent first principles conservatism, these people have no place among us.

    • http://brooksbayne.com brooksbayne

      remember, we talked about this when you were here. too many people are willfully ignorant. for example, they don’t want to believe that malkin would attack conservatives to protect a queer felon who’s stupid enough to troll queer websites in a reckless manner and continues to lie about the details of his felony conviction, even though she has and continues to do so. it’s easier for the sheep to say, “malkin’s on tv, surely she must be legit.” – but the trenches and our allies know the truth of the matter. hell, none of the sheep know that malkin is a “former” leftist who acts like a whiny politically correct leftist every damned day. sometimes i feel our side is full of suckers just asking to be taken by con jobs.

      there are also many others seeking table scraps from these so-called gatekeepers to turn on them. why would they lose their position as lapdogs for malkin/ the breitbarent’s / etc. to shout at the top of their lungs that the trenches were right? they’d immediately lose all that stoked up position and credibility that was bestowed by their benefactors.

      but the defamation and whisper campaigns continue from these former leftists against first principles conservatives seeking the truth. and because of that, these despicable people can expect more exposés like this until they stop this behavior and make necessary amends. short of that, they can pound sand now that they’ve attacked good conservatives simply to cover their lies and dishonorable actions.

  • Debra

    How many well meaning, good Conservatives were taken in by this scam? So many followed suite because the scam was vouched for by leading ‘conservatives.’ Why would anyone continue to give credibility to any of the people involved? We all need to wake up. There is a famous quote in literature that comes to mind, “One has got all the goodness, and the other all the appearance of it.” Thank you to the Trenches for being unwaivering and braving the fire to expose those with ‘only’ the appearance of it. Truth, character and honor must be at the core of the Conservative movement.

    • http://brooksbayne.com brooksbayne

      let’s see their books. anyone who has donated to these charlatans and their bogus cause has standing to sue them. and the court may force them to disclose all their donations, since they were done under false pretense.

  • http://twitter.com/SemperBanU Charlie Johnson

    Great post – I got sucked into the lawfare hysteria too.

    These emails show one thing – the effort to construct an attention grabbing lawsuit and synthesize allegations to get the FBI to arrest people was done by ass holes who like to tout their cred as “conservatives.”

    A bunch of attention whores who abuse the very principles they are supposed to be defending. What part of small government conservatism says “call the FBI every time you are trolled on the Internet?” Grow up. And what part of conservatism says “sensationalize any tangent to any matter that might get people to send you sympathy money?”

    As many know – I used to troll Lizardoid for being a hysteria whore. That ended when I realized that this little gang of “conservatives” was doing the very same thing.

  • http://www.goldfishandclowns.com/ Jerry Wilson

    A lamentable angle is that it took a Bill Schmalfeldt to ferret out the evidence.

    Whole lotta folk got a whole lotta ‘splainin to do.

    Not that they ever will, mind you.

    Oh – thanks for mentioning me, Paul. I remember very, very clearly who offered comfort and support without prompting when my brother passed away a few months ago. Namely, the people here. McCain couldn’t be bothered and Akbar called me a “shitty family member.” Nice.

    • http://brooksbayne.com brooksbayne

      apparently someone likes bill and leaks him discovery evidence. ;)

      regarding the explaining, you know that’s never going to happen with walker, malkin, breitbart, national bloggers club, mccain, etc., you saw how they treated you over your brother’s death. these ppl have no honor.

      • http://www.goldfishandclowns.com/ Jerry Wilson


  • http://twitter.com/ttjemery Thomas

    Good job at the trenches. To bad these documents came out after I donated money to the National Bloggers club. I am so sickened by the Conservative movement for letting our group to allow this BS to go on and I am a Conservative. Great article Paul.

    • http://anexconsview.wordpress.com/ Paul H. Lemmen

      I feel for you Thomas. I wrote my original piece about the NBC on June 9th, right at the apex of my blog. I had been on Dana Loesch’s program, on OTNN, The Radio Patriot, had an Instalanche (8k pageviews in a day!) and the blog was averaging close to 1,000 pageviews per day. For a micro-blog that’s incredible for a nobody blog only 5 months old. The echo-chamber did not appreciate me sticking my nose where they did not want it. Blacklist, blackball, whatever, no more links to my posts, hell, I was happy a couple of weeks ago when I got 50 views for the whole week! All dissenting voices, all who do not march in lock-step with the choices and narrative of the “top bloggers” are to be destroyed. Just look at the extended and dishonest attack on me by Ann Barnhardt and I Own the World via BigFurHat. I got dropped by blogs that I was writing for, followers dropped like flies and I got kicked off the Stop Obama widget, all because I dared question the dishonest flim-flam man Ali Akbar and his unconfessed felonious past.

      Sorry you got ripped off!. Do what Lawrence Sinclair did and demand a refund! He got it too, took a couple of days, but Ali refunded the full amount!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=778650506 Tony Lee

    Being someone who works in tech and therefore ends up working with people who are ultra-left, I actually believed this creep (Aaron) when he posted all of this…it seemed credible. I’m stunned, angered, and feeling completely betrayed over this. What is becoming ever more clear is the massive money-making effort that the remnants of the tea party has been turned into. Beck is going to be a multi-gazillionaire for pointing out a few useful things in the early days. But, let’s face it, neither he, nor any of his acolytes (Malkin, Loesch, et al) have truly done anything for the cause. None of them have done anything but expose news which has been in the blogosphere for at least a few days already.

    The more that I think about this, combined with their political roots (leftists), I wonder if they’re not still closet leftists looking to defame and detract from the real folks fighting daily…and cashing in at the same time.

  • http://twitter.com/FallonShrugs K

    I love this article for a few reasons. In my own personal opinion..i think that when you intentionally do something that you know will incite anger or violence, you absolutely deserve the punishment that follows. When you know what you are doing ..not only doing but encouraging the general public to insult something/someone that will bring consequences.consequences that may hurt innocents as well..knowing the people that you are insulting have been known to bomb, shoot or execute anyone involved…i feel zero sympathy for you. For me if falls in the category of those creepy pro-lifers that have no issue bombing an abortion clinic..not knowing if there are innocents inside..delivery driver for example..just doing his job delivering office supplies, flowers etc..But they dont care…Its not complete and utter hypocrisy…Which leads me down another path…When something like getting fired happens..for doing something on company time (which yes…rightfully fired) you dont immediately point to …But i have constitutional rights..Many popular conservatives love to throw that one around..that he should have been protected…The dude that made the Mohammed video..He has rights you know…Todd Akin moron comments..Well we need to stand our ground and back him up no matter what! He just misspoke (8 sentences)…Ohh but you know what..That Jason Biggs character..He has ZERO rights and should be fired immed. from Nickelodeon..As a matter of fact..lets make that front page news ..Browbeat and call Nickelodeon until they cave and fire Jason Biggs for making sexual remarks from his own personal twitter account. Lets create EAR deafening silence when Todd Kincannon (engaged) texts images of his very small penis to his followers…But we def have to stay up all night to wait for the Daily Caller story about a divorced NJ Dem who ripped off some hookers…Thats front page stuff. Its really beginning to make me sick to my stomach. And i was a HUGE fan of Michelle Malkin..Hell Ive donated money when her cousin (who still is) went missing..I got the bracelets showing my support..Let her know if there was anything i could do..id be there…Which yet again make me bring up another story…I have a friend on Twitter…who resides in the UK..She is divorced and granted full custody of her daughter…By not only the courts in the UK..but in Egypt…The father (Muslim) abducted the little girl…and has her hiding in Egypt. No one is helping this woman get her child back So i email a friend of mine (Brooks you know S Hiller) and i say..hey ..Can i ask a favor? ..Can i please get the name of a reporter that will help me get the word out about a woman residing in the UK whos child was abducted..She send me Pamela Gellers email addy..PERFECT..because the woman whos child was abducted is a Muslim and what better way to show all my liberal friends..that hey..We (Conservatives) care about everyone..See even Pamela Geller is helping a Muslim get her child back. So Pamela and I are emailing back and forth..The second i let her know the mother is also Muslim..BOOM..SILENCE.Sorry..Nothing i can do…REALLY? At this point i want to take my laptop and throw it against the wall…What the FREAK is this all about ? Hey Malkin..heres a link to her story..Can you help her out..SILENCE..Cool I just dont understand WHAT the heck is going on in the Conservative community anymore. Theres my rant Brooks..Keep fighting the good fight…Im just sitting over here disgusted….really disgusted

    • http://brooksbayne.com brooksbayne

      stories like yours are becoming more common. people are getting it – they’re waking up. i’d encourage you to point your friends to this blog post and these comments.

  • http://twitter.com/roosterpisces Rooster Pisces

    When real life interferes with internet life, it’s very
    difficult to keep up with the drama and the cast of characters involved. It has
    truly become mind-boggling for me to keep up and understand what’s really been happening
    here. If I don’t understand a situation, I tend to step back and wait till I
    have enough time AND information to make a confident response.

    It comes down to perception which, as we are all children of
    God, I honor as a precious commodity for us all. I judge not those whose
    perceptions differ from mine. I have the option to assess my perception of what
    is said, who said it, or why I reacted as I did. I take responsibility for
    perceiving that Paul Lemmens has taken courageous steps to produce truth as it
    is known today. Providing hard core data reinforces his presentation for all to
    see. Specifically, those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

    This is the most cogent post on the subject I’ve seen to
    date that lays it all out in black & white. What’s obvious is that there’s
    a lot of garbage out there. Some things meant to unify Conservatives actually
    divide & weaken the ranks. Some things meant to divide us actually
    strengthen us. If I want to see the real truth, I use my discernment to sift
    through both sides of the talking points, rhetoric AND demands. Most of
    all, I ask people to put the Conservative blinders down and use their
    discernment. As always, use wisely your power of choice.

    Complacency needs a reality check. Some people instinctively
    avoid paying that price. Deceit needs to be exposed… no matter who is
    responsible for the destruction of trust and honor.

    Thank-you Brooks for The Trenches.

    • http://brooksbayne.com brooksbayne

      thanks for the response. we seek truth. we don’t care about party lines. people don’t have to agree with us or our methods, but we haven’t exactly received the warmest welcome. however, that’s due, in large part to the smears and defamation of this echo chamber crew. how is defaming truthseekers a conservative principle? most of us at the trenches have endured this type of so-called blacklisting, but we don’t care. why? because people with ZERO principles who’ve tried to defame us via whisper campaigns or otherwise will eventually show their unprincipled character publicly. and guess where they’ll end up when that happens? right in our metaphorical crosshairs. (see, we have to use the “metaphorical” bit, or these sissy “victims” will try to claim that we’re threatening to shoot them, so they can beg for more blog donations – again, they’re NOT conservatives.)

  • http://twitter.com/TheBluto Darth Bluto

    I was largely ignorant of this…wtf do you call it? imbroglio? affair? scandal?
    Whatever, when I started tweeting earlier this year I sought answers and clarification from some of the people involved in this complex and confusing mess. While I got some responses, it seemed clear that much more was being left unsaid. I now believe that an “official” narrative was being cobbled together and adapted to changing events.
    That reportedly leaked termination email is absolutely devastating.

  • http://twitter.com/Ltfngr David West

    Sad we have to keep dealing with this. This entire series of scams is just disgusting. I stumbled upon this entire thing by accident, when I wanted help from the NBC to get approved for credentials for the Republican National Convention. I had heard about the NBC at CPAC, and thought it was a great idea.

    Of course, when NBC turned into being just paper, I started asking questions. Bam, attacked by Ali & Co. At around the same time, Stranahan attacked Greg W Howard. Same group, different reason for me to get into conflict with them as I had helped Howard during his TwitterGulag incidents previously. Again, bam, attacked.

    I don’t have personal issues with others involved, so I haven’t attacked or bothered with them, but it does still sadden me these folks all came out after the creation of the Tea Party and have glommed on in order to suck it cash dry.

    Thank you for bringing more of the story to light, Paul.

  • Amy

    I’m somewhat late to the party as I have little knowledge of the back story here. However, excellent article and from what I can gather it seems as though there are quite a few scumbags among us. And now I know who they are. Thanks for that. 

    • http://anexconsview.wordpress.com/ Paul H. Lemmen

      You’re welcome! The whole intent is to expose the truth, to educate, to inform. I’ve been attacked, blacklisted, marginalized and silenced in the past (as have most here at the Trenches) and because of this article I am once again. Small price to pay for truth.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ken.ashford Ken Ashford

    I’ve known Aaron Walker (online) since 2004. Fundamentally dishonest in the way he argues politics. Not surprised that his dishonesty, and his relentless need to demonize others should eventually bite him in the butt.

    • http://brooksbayne.com brooksbayne

      we should talk sometime, ken.