Breaking: Todd Kincannon Former SC GOP Executive Director In Sexting Scandal?

Update: Two more woman have come forward who are willing to go on the record with their claims about Mr. Kincannon. Woman #2’s story is here. And woman #3’s is here. 

As we reported in our post about the tranny from the Occupy movement who infiltrated and duped many unsuspecting conservatives, we said we’d start reporting about men on “our side” who are doing things they shouldn’t be doing, as a means to curtail liability within our ranks. This story follows that perspective.

Todd Kincannon is an attorney who practices law in Columbia, South Carolina, and is a former executive director of the South Carolina GOP. Has Todd Kincannon been moonlighting as a social media Casanova?

According to several sources, Todd appears to have a kink of sexting girls he doesn’t know very well. The first incident we were made aware of was brought to us by a source who requested anonymity, for obvious reasons. This source claimed that she became acquainted with Todd on Twitter and that he was very eager to get down to business with the dirty pics via email. This is the first such picture she claims that she received from Todd via email (the penis is blurred to protect your eyeballs, but if you must see a man who is hung like a pimple, click on the picture for the full frontal monty):

If this email is legit, there was an aforementioned agreement. My, how comforting. Also, the sender of the penis is requesting a picture of the girl and her friend. Does this allude to girl on girl nudes? We’ll try to find out in a subsequent report. There are more pictures, but we’ve held off from publishing them to spare you further eye bleaching.

We’re also in possession of texts from another source where it appears that Mr. Kincannon blatantly and boorishly solicits nude photos. We will be posting a follow-up about that so we don’t mix sources in the same blog post.

Ironically, Mr. Kincannon appeared on his local Fox affiliate in 2011 discussing the legal aspects of sexting.

But, how does Todd feel about men who are sexting women other than their respective mates? Let’s search his statements on the matter. Hmm… he clearly didn’t approve of Anthony Weiner by stating that his old office needed disinfectant for sharing a clothed crotch shot with young woman. Double standard? You decide.

Todd has stated publicly that he’s engaged, and a quick search turned up his fiancé as twenty two-year-old Ashley Griffith. If true, this news likely won’t be comforting to his southern bride to be.


Look, conservative men, we’ve outed numerous fakes and shady actors in the past. Our advice, keep it in your pants, spend time meeting people in real life and leave Twitter for the lulz, not for rubbing one off. Without principles, what do you have?

“Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.” – George Washington

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  • Paul H. Lemmen

    “Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to
    expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.” – George Washington

    Indeed! Mr. Kincannon, from his name, comes from Irish Catholic stock, a staunch bulwark of Catholicism in America. Has his arrogance and base human sinfulness precluded morality? I am quite sure that his Catholic forebears would tell him confession is good for the soul. As a former criminal and former fallen-away Catholic, I can assure him that his sinful (bordering on criminal) behaviors belie a lack of morality and a disconnect from the American principles. Confess, repent and be absolved of your wrongs, faults and sinfulness. Decline and join the ranks of the faux conservatives, interested only in money and power, like Malkin, Akbar and Backer.

    • brooksbayne

      speaking of malkin, akbar, and backer…

      • Paul H. Lemmen

        Heh … check your email.

  • Ronnie

    WOW, just shows you that you have no idea who you’re following on twitter.Twitter where hypocrites run rampant

    • brooksbayne

      funny that he hasn’t denied the allegations made by these women.

  • Kathleen

    Can’t “Freaking” believe it! A #Conservative Man, who is “well liked” thinks that he can get away with this shit! I’m so glad that this stuff has come out! Sure wonder what his supposedly “Wife to Be” is thinking! If she even knows what the HELL has been going on? Ha! What are all those GOP members gonna think?
    Great Job——–> #Bayneson- Brooks Bayne and The Trenches
    Keep it Coming!!! #RocknRoll

    • Thomas

      Sadly there has been a lot of getting away with Conservative wanna be’s. Look at Lee Stranahan as example.

      • Paul H. Lemmen

        Amongst others. I have been blacklisted because of my out-spoken views on personal responsibility, personal honor, repentance and redemption. We must hold all who would represent us in our government, regardless of level or office to account for their actions. These PAC’s, SuperPAC’s and “clubs” that raise funds and purport to support our causes are in reality a corruption of our system and should be run out of town on a rail like the modern-day carpet-baggers they are.

        • Thomas

          yeah Paul I have been blacklisted just for the mere fact of calling Stranahan out about his porn. And to make matters worse I told Stevie West that homosexual marriage wasn’t a Conservative cause and I was labeled a Fascist.

          • Paul H. Lemmen

            Stranny played Ali’s bully boy on me back in June … then lied about it to several other bloggers. Very screwed up. I went from over a thousand readers a week to less than 200 in an average week. I don’t care, I’ll keep telling the truth and calling out the modern digital carpetbaggers …

          • Thomas

            Amen to that Paul.

          • brooksbayne

            well, we’ve proven that lee does do a fair share of lying.

          • Paul H. Lemmen


          • brooksbayne

            wait… “stevie” called you a fascist for condemning homosexuals attempting to co-opt the christian marriage covenant?

          • Thomas

            Yeap she even wrote an article all about me on her blog.

          • brooksbayne

            what a kook. that’s my fault for not properly vetting that heffer. not at all a conservative position. anyway, the up side is that no one reads her blog save for perverts who like chubby girls with very large manhands.

          • Thomas

            LOL Actually my war with Stranahan, West, and this Todd guy has done nothing but strengthened my twitter following.

          • brooksbayne

            time to set your sights a bit higher than those ppl, thomas. ;)

        • brooksbayne

          paul, how dare you challenge the echo chamber eunuchorns with regard to principles! don’t you know that TROO conservatives support pimps, pornographers, liars, and queer felons who still lie about their record?!

          • Paul H. Lemmen

            I’m redeemed and working daily to put behind me those liars, cheats and self-important conmen. Redemption is a serious and life-long path that I have just 10 months upon. I will dare much in support of truth and honor.

    • kimvy

      Saw a tweet from Brooks saying another one has come forward. I feel bad for the fiancee. What a crappy thing to do. Of course, the ostriches pretend nothing is happening. Not a surprise considering the other people they welcome and ignore the dubious doings of. It seems that the “right” is no better than the left. It’s all about protecting the hive rather than the idea.

      • brooksbayne

        ah, the echo chamber “conservatives”… acknowledging these stories would simply be too much for their pride.

  • Mark Scudder

    While this bothers me, we should also be calling out young women on Twitter/social media who are doing a similar, though more subtle thing. For example, I used to follow a 22yo “conservative” woman who would routinely post stuff like “Ugh, don’t feel good. I guess I’m gonna just lay here all night in my nothing but my underwear.” And you could just watch all her male (conservative) followers reply in that sort of desperate, vicarious way, attempting to be right there on the bed with her, half-naked, even if it was only over Twitter. Men in their 40s, married men, etc. She has thousands of followers and I can’t help thinking it’s partly because she was playing to the feelings of loneliness and desperation characteristic of a lot of people who spend time on the internet. Kincannon obviously has some soul-searching to do, and I hope he does it, but I’d also like to see some of the young “conservative” women who practice sexual psy-ops get called out too. Lead us not into temptation, y’know? If this guy is sending unsolicited pictures of his dick to anyone, he should have to answer for that. But we need to be careful not to be fake conservatives ourselves – leaning on the crutch of feminist ideology that portrays all men as predators and all women as helpless innocent victims (like Malkin does when someone disagrees with her).

    • Thomas

      Very well said Mark.

    • brooksbayne

      concur with this too.

    • JadedByPolitics

      I have heard many a decent man come back from CPAC literally disgusted by the display of so called “conservative” young women who dress like tramps & want to bed those they see as “stars” in the ranks of conservatism. If you don’t have dignity and you don’t have principles, you are no more conservative then the Democrats from RED States who say they are fiscal conservatives.

      • KCMOfan

        You boys are pathetic. Blame it on the women, because you troll around for this kind of tripe. Grow up and take responsiblility for yourselves. It ALWAYS takes 2 to tango.

    • Mama Kitty

      yeah guy this is all the girls faults… the point is this douche is saying trannies should be put in concentration ccamps then wants lesbian nude pics sent to his cell phone… he’s warning of the legalities of sexting and sending pics of his dick… ots of people sex ..and often… the point isn’t that it’s being done… the point is HE’S doing it….

    • Dolmance

      It’s true. If women weren’t so immoral, not only would this wonderful man not be forced to send pics of his pecker to strangers, he wouldn’t be hung like a hamster either.

      All this strife is caused by the same evil force that causes blackbirds to fall out of the sky dead. And it’s pretty simple what’s causing all out problems. I’d say it’s girls kissing girls.

      Peace. God bless.

  • Angie

    Not one to judge what others do with their personal time but this was not smart.

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  • K

    i am still upset at the LaJolla Princess story..LOl I was totally fooled and loved talking to her on Twitter….so sad :9

    • brooksbayne

      ah, lajolla the tranny occupier. haha! hopefully you didn’t send him/her any naked pix. ;)

      • K

        OMG but he/she really was fun to talk to…pisses me off though about that whole pregnancy thing..was that real or no?..i just dont understand people

        • brooksbayne

          how can a tranny get pregnant? lol?

          • K

            i thought the tranny got upset LaJolla was using her pics…? Then i heard LaJolla was really a man ? LOL Im lost

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  • RalphyBoy

    Personally I like the question mark in the headline… Get back to me when that goes away.

    Oh… and then there’s this… ‘If this email is legit, there was an aforementioned agreement.’

    Reporting or rumor-milling? No really, I want the facts, but this is weak.

    • RanierWest

      Yea, I missed the definitive proof follow-up. I’m all for exposing ‘Weiners’, but this smells like Harry Reid’s Credible Source smear jounalism until The Trenches can more develope! In fact give any one a web site and they can throw this kind of story up with anyone with whom they disagree. Shades of clash of Jimmy Kimmel gratuitous pixelating and Harry Reid politics. Where’s the follow-up? And daring someone to prove a negative? seriously? Did anyone see how this is written up? ” [IF] this is legit…”

      • brooksbayne

        3 women came forward. perhaps you want your mom to come forward?

        • brooksbayne

          correction, 3 women came forward who agreed to tell their story publicly. we had a lot more than that come forward off the record. believe what you want.

          • Colorwheel OS

            The man is sex-obsessed and encourages others to act similarly. He even jokes about naked pics. To be honest, I should have guessed earlier. I was not surprised.

    • brooksbayne

      since this was posted i’ve seen the actual email headers, but our source has asked that they not be identified. if anyone with standing wants to take legal action to dispute the facts, we’ll present them at that time.

  • Nicolas Peterson

    Who gives a flying fuck?

  • The Metalluminati

    Is it really “Ashely,” or did she actually spell her own name wrong on her Facebook profile?

    • Jurisrachel

      I dunno, but the poor lass did go ahead and marry him, apparently. *shakes head* _Hateful_ man. (I just learned of him today, re his vitriolic comments about transvestites.)

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    And now, Kincannon has called Trayvon Martin a thug. Really classy, South Carolina!

    • dawgdolphin

      he was a thug

  • Larry Dillon

    Kind of makes you wonder since one of the tenants of Tea-Nutology is a pro-rape concept.Maybe the girls should worry,hell maybe we should all be concerned.Is he more dangerous than the average sociopathic Tea-Nut?Is that even possible?The depth of their sick dementia is mindboggling

  • laytonian

    Sounds like the rumors about he and Lindsey Graham got too loud again ….

  • southrnbelle

    Sorry I couldn’t see his penis. My screen enlargement won’t increase that much.

  • Art Vandelay

    What in the f*** is a bloody “corresponant?” Is he as f*cking stupid as the chyron operator? Based on his vapid tweets and other droll ramblings and rantings, it’s a wonder he’s not running for POTUS in the next election as the Republican candidate.

    And do you straight women know that they are attractive men in the world who are also smart? I’m talking directly to you Ashely dear! Because in what world does a woman look at this fat f*ck and then NOT quickly look directly into the sun to burn out her retinas like bacon. My goodness he’s ugly. I mean visually, f*cking repulsive. Do you straight men own mirrors? And if so, what in the hell do you see in said mirrors? And that hair. DREADFUL!


  • Jurisrachel

    Ick. Just checked Facebook she MARRIED that twatmonster. *sighs*
    Seen his latest Twittering travesties? (Saying transvestites should be rounded up in camps and sooooo much more … .)

    • RockyMissouri

      Exactly! It harms no one when my gay friends marry…….

  • Dolmance

    Somehow this Repig has managed to scrub all the photos of his pathetic little wiener from the Net. This fuzzy image is all I could find anywhere.

    An untouched photograph of this semi dickless dick’s dick, should be available for posterity. Please rectify.

    Peace. God bless.