Woman #2 Comes Forward In The Todd Kincannon Sexting Scandal?

As The Trenches reported last night, an anonymous young woman, we’ll call her woman #1, stated that Todd Kincannon had sent her pictures of his penis. Todd is an attorney and former South Carolina GOP Executive Director.

The Trenches are also in receipt of information from another young woman, woman #2, who claims that Mr. Kincannon solicited nude pictures from her. She also claims that she didn’t oblige those requests.

Here are some of text messages woman #2 shared which she alleges are of a text chat with Kincannon. The texts between the two appear to have started June 30, 2012 – almost 6 months after the email we published from woman #1 yesterday. Looks like a long-term pattern. For a conservative man with very public political aspirations, and a fiancé, this would be some very inappropriate behavior.

This looks like woman #2 is being solicited for a “fun” picture. We know what that means, and if there’s any doubt, scroll down to see what “fun” really means.

Why would an engaged man who’s representing political cases for the GOP and regularly appearing on his local Fox TV channel as a legal expert, ask a woman if she’d ever had aggressive sex in public?

And finally, there’s this text the next day, July 1, 2012, where woman #2 is asked for “naughty” pictures. Someone’s definition of fun, eh?

Does the smiley face make it a request instead of a demand? Ladies, care to chime in and provide some insight?

After our initial report, there were concerns by some people that Todd Kincannon was being setup or entrapped by political foes. However, if these texts are from Todd, they would indicate that he’s not being setup, but is soliciting nude pictures of young women that he doesn’t know of his own accord. Public figures should be held to a higher standard, right? Todd certainly thought so in his tweet about Anthony Weiner that we highlighted in our post yesterday.

I’m typically a very skeptical person, but this situation doesn’t look good. Does the conservative movement have its very own Anthony Weiner? There were plenty of Weiner jokes at that time. Is it time to break out the Rod Kink Cannon jokes, or is it too early?

To date, Mr. Kincannon hasn’t responded to any of our inquiries about this situation. We’ll let you know if he responds.

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  • kimvy

    *crickets* *crickets* Did you see anything? No, did you? Is there something to see here? Nah, doesn’t appear so.

    But to your question, unfortunately, I know the story and saw the other tweets/messages and it’s just creepy and unappealing. Aggressive sex in public? What? Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Total lack of charm and I can see why Ms. #2 came out. Ew.

    Business as usual, though. Is it really true he went on TV to complain about sexting? Nope. Nothing to see here. Nice work, though and best to the two ladies and heaps of sympathy for the fiancee.

  • Debra

    It is sad that Todd has such a disregard for his lovely fiance’. I’m sure that she is a nice person who doesn’t deserve this. My hope is that he opens his eyes and realizes that it’s not worth hurting the people you love. Nothing is worth that.

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  • Snake_Oil_Baron

    I’m confused about what public office this guy occupies. Is it state or local or something?

  • http://twitter.com/crazytas1 ricci

    funny how anything can be put on the net to be facts when its simply made up to suit someones agenda

    • http://www.facebook.com/SaintMichaelangelo Michael Cruise

      Really? Do we need to go all the way, a la Anthony Weiner? Does Todd want to publicly deny first?

  • AirForceMed

    I quit following Todd for these same reasons. He’s a pompous,grade A Jerk! Apparently he didn’t learn a lesson from this Sexting incident. More likely he doesn’t care, since this was posted only an hour ago. “@ToddKincannon: I ain’t charged a dime to join #TGDN. And I certainly would *never* let hot girls before the Friday sign-up in exchange for naked pictures…”

  • daphnetaggart

    Is anyone even sure that this supposed fiance “Ashely” person even exists? I seem to recall a tweet from TK where he referred to his fiance as “D.” There’s no D in Ashely… Further, what kind of husband-to-be spends all his time on Twitter with a full time job and and a fiance? Something seems… manufactured.

    Either way, I find it really interesting how Todd warns his flock of Alinsky tactics, all the while using those same tactics on those of his flock who disagree with him. I appreciate his effort in getting conservatives together, but I really can’t respect him as any kind of leader.

  • daphnetaggart

    Now I just found out what he did the other day to a follower LolaP. Disgusting. I admit I fell for the idea of a group of conservatives getting together, but now it just seems to be another collective. This one with the aim of boosting Todd’s ego. Sad.

  • R_Pipkin

    I don’t follow Todd anymore, but being a jerk isn’t illegal nor is it harassment unless any of these women answered to him in an official capacity. Also, they need to show where they definitively told him to stop. Where are the formal complaints? Rumor and inference do not cut it…

  • Earl Henson

    “Where my naughty pictures at?!!! And if you have Eboli, go kill yourself!”