Founder Of The Jewish Internet Defense Force Threatens Murder And Vigilantism Against Dissenters

When persecution complex hits rock bottom it looks something like this. I’ve known of the founder of the Jewish Internet Defense Farce Force (JIDF), David Appletree (AKA David Brotsky) This is the guy who called Facebook antisemitic for removing his Facebook account because he violated their policies. Even broccoli is antisemitic to these victimhood thinkers.

Truth is, David has become even more crazed and antagonistic lately. Why?

Well, that’s obvious! Defending Jews and Israel using a keyboard on Twitter from anyone who doesn’t agree with Zionism is a hard job and it’s taking its toll. AMIRIGHT?! As a result, if you tell David something on Twitter that  he doesn’t like or agree with, he can’t muster up the strength to push the “block” button. No, that would be too easy. Instead, Mr. JIDF wants to dispatch armed Jewish vigilantes to deal with you. Wait a second… isn’t that exactly what the Jihadis have been doing? That’s right, he doesn’t care about your rights, or free speech, he wants bands of Jewish thugs roaming the countryside killing dissenters. Since David lives in America, we’ll have to assume that he means he wants this to occur here, also.

According to David, terrorist murderers in every city would make people “think twice” about their dissenting opinions.

David wants you know that strong Jewish men, not the ones in the show “Seinfeld” or on staff at Goldman Sachs, but ones who are “armed and ready to fight” are the answer to the world’s problems. Mazel!

This is what hyper-semitism looks like.

Will any Jewish organizations denounce this bout of David’s craziness? Or maybe this is some new and improved “outreach” in the realm of identity politics that we haven’t heard about before. For his sake, I hope David doesn’t try to implement his terrorist agenda idea here in America, because he’s a little outnumbered. David, honestly, it’s time for you to STFD and STFU until you get a grip on yourself.

As for me and my house, we stand with the West.

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  • Phillip Pasmanick

    David Brotsky, the lunatic behind the pseudonym Appletree, and scores of sockpuppets, is currently waging a massive assault on twitter against me. He’s painting me as some Nazi supporter & attacker of Jews, to discredit me. Since I’m far from that, Brotsky has posted on this JIDF page the most outrageous story one could imagine, with ‘proof’ by displaying Photoshopped BS….lots of them, an email he never sent, links that lead to nowhere and delusional declarations of innocence.

    The fact of the matter is, all this effort to discredit me is because my Facebook page displays proof of his immoral livelihood. David Brotsky runs numerous pages on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and a dozen accounts on Twitter. Except for 3 that run news, they all serve one purpose: Seeking Donations to “Support Israel” and help “Fight Terrorism”. My problem with David Brotsky is he pockets that money for self gratification.