Surprising My Husband in Alicante

I decided to surprise my husband when he had to go to Spain for a few weeks. I was originally going to go with him, but we decided that it would be too long to be away from our daughter, who was nearly a year old. She had a few doctor appointments that we did not want to reschedule, so I stayed home with her. After her appointments, we still had nearly two weeks before he was due home, and I was missing him something awful. I looked up websites for the airport as well as Mytaxialicante, which is a taxi service.

I wanted to make sure that I would have a ride to the hotel from the airport. I did not want to rent a car myself because my husband already had one that he had rented. I could have just called him to pick me and our daughter up at the airport, but that would have ruined the surprise. Instead, I looked at the website for the taxi service, and I was impressed with everything that I saw there. The main thing I wanted to do was make sure that the car that would be taking us to the hotel was a nice one.

When I saw that it has car seats available at no additional charge, I knew that this was the right taxi company to get us safely to the hotel. I also took a look at the car inventory they use, and I knew that we would be comfortable for the entire ride too. The price was great too, and I was able to secure the booking online. Everything fell together so quickly and easily, and it was not long before I was being driven from the airport to the hotel. My husband was so surprised and happy when he saw us!