Had to Move Closer to My New Job

I really did not have to move, but there was not any reason not. The commute was close to forty minutes from where I had been living and that was really not going to keep me happy. I really do not want to get out of the bed in the morning. So I would like it a whole lot better if I could get out of bed, shower, eat and get to work in half that time. As soon as I got the job I started looking for apartments for rent in Revere MA and I was hoping to find a place within the minimum distance from the office. That did not really turn out to be practical, because all of the really close places were too expensive. For a little while I was trying to find a roommate, since that obviously cuts the rent to about 60 percent when you split two ways. I am still working to see if I can figure out something like that, although I have a much better job I really could use the savings.

I talked to the people here and they told me that they had an empty two bedroom apartment that I could swap if I found someone to share it with me. That would save me about two hundred and fifty dollars per month, which is pretty much enough to take care of all of my bills. I do not really need a car right now, it is probably easier to get to work by the bus. They drop me off right in front of the office and if I drove I would probably never find a place to park, especially one where I would not get a parking ticket. Still I want to buy a car for weekend trips with my girlfriend.