Moving Books and Messing Up My Back

Moving the library from shelves on one wall of our bedroom to a real library room that my husband surprised me with was a bigger job than I thought. I have a couple thousand books. Many were in boxes or stuffed in the closet in our bedroom. One wall was those shelves you can buy and put together yourself. When he surprised me with plans for a house addition that included a room just for my books and craft stuff, I was ecstatic! However, after a day of moving books into the new room, our Corte Madera chiropractor was my first call the next morning.

I knew there would be some muscle soreness, but I felt something kind of pop or snap in my back as a big box of books started to slip from my hands as I was going down the stairs. I caught myself and the books so that neither I nor the books would fall. I thought I pulled a muscle, but it did not feel like that. It felt more like a burning or tingling pain. I had the muscle soreness too, but this was something else. The Corte Madera chiropractor that I joke is on personal retainer for my husband and I figured it was nerve impingement that was causing my symptoms. The doctor knew exactly what back adjustment would fix the subluxation. I was glad to have that burning tingling pain gone before I left the office.

I went back the next day for more of the electrical stim muscle therapy and another adjustment. I was feeling great after leaving the office that time. I was able to move the rest of the books into my new library on my own while my husband was at work and the kids were at school. I had taken a few vacation days to set up my version of a den and to enjoy it.