I Have Moved to Colorado

I got a contracting job at the Air Force Academy and I am not really sure what I am going to do about all of the problems that have come up in the process of getting ready to go there. I have been looking at this place called Summer Grove apartments in Colorado Springs, CO. It is easy for you to figure out that you would be better off if you had a roommate, because obviously the cost is going to be around three fifths as much if you do have one. So I have been asking around and trying to figure out if anyone else who is working there needs a roommate. It is really obvious that you have to figure out who it is that you are dealing with, and before you sign a lease. Once I got a roommate and it turned out that this guy was crazy, and not crazy in the fun way. I mean that he was crazy in the way that jerks are crazy.

At any rate I do really like it up here. I have checked out some of the hiking trails and this guy I met at work is trying to teach me how to fly fish. I am not any good at this, but of course I have not ever tried to do it and I think that I am getting better at it. At any rate he has a four by four truck and we went up in the mountains to fish at this isolated lake. It is a seriously difficult place to get to and it seems as though no one has been up there fishing in a very long time. I suspect that any people know about who are willing to tell any other people about this place.