Updated: Meet Matt Edelstein AKA Shoq – Leftist Douchebag Who Runs StopRush.net

Updated: Meet Matt Edelstein AKA Shoq – Leftist Douchebag Who Runs StopRush.net

Update #1: Matt’s location. He lives with his mom. Awesome.

Update #2: Added the email screenshot (directly below) that Matt sent to his people today.

My reason to post this screenshot is to prove to the dupes that surround Matt that our information is legit and that Matt’s still lying to them.

Couple of points. I outed Matt’s name before anyone else. It wasn’t a year ago.

It was a couple years ago. I’m not an anti-Semite (my grandmother would be shocked if that were the case. lol!). Finally, Matt, you are a clown. More updates to follow!

Update #3: Douchey pics of mamma’s boy Matt (below), that he took of himself with that super-cool popped collar.

Here’s Matt Edelstein (Edelstein? That’s German, right?). AFAIK, no one has posted pics of Matt online before.

You probably don’t know him. Only those of us on Twitter who mock ruh-tards on the left know who this omega male is.

He uses the handle @shoq on Twitter and a black cat as his avatar, because he’s a pussy.

I outed his real name a few years ago on Twitter, and he didn’t like it one bit. In fact, he even lied publicly and said I was wrong about his identity.

Poor bastard. He’s 56 and lives in VA now lives in Florida with… his mom. Lol. Anyway, he “runs” a website called StopRush.net.

I’m not implying Matt has any business accumen by my use of the word “run”.

These anti-free speech leftists try to hound Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers, via social media, into dropping ads from Limbaugh’s show.

I don’t listen to Rush, but apparently these twerps think Rush is an existential threat to neo-Marxism.

Dumbasses, without your ilk, Rush has no show – maybe you should boycott yourselves.

There’s a rumor that Matt’s banging Krystal Ball via Skype. Remember Krystal Ball?

She’s the one who ran for office and sucked off a dildo attached to a man’s face.

Not kidding. Check it out. Online sex… Lol. With Matt? Krystal, have you no standards?

Wait… doesn’t Matt have a girlfriend? Doh!

This might get awkward for Matt. At least Krystal is consistent in her interaction with dildos.

We’ll have more about this cheesy old guy and his little StopRush crew this week.

It’s a funny little story.

You’ll love the lengths that Matt and his tyrannical friends, bent on silencing the dissent of people who share many of the views of our founding fathers, will go to push their neo-Marxist, anti-capitalist, agenda.