27 Asians Attack 3 Whites… Or Why Americans Need Weapons With More Than 10 Round Magazines

This video shows 27 asians attacking 3 white people in a Boston mall parking garage. Four and a half minutes elapse in this garage before mall security comes to the aid of those being assaulted. Of course, the silly Boston onlookers glued to their car seats thought that honking their horns would quell the racist attack against these white youths. They were mistaken.

Why did no one intervene? Why are Boston residents so spineless?  This would never happen in Texas or Tennessee.

Maybe CNN will pick up this story. Maybe not. You know they would if 27 whites attacked 3 asians. Hell, they’d even call it a hate crime. Does everyone remember the dozens of assaults initiated by blacks against whites in the wake of Trayvon Martin being shot after he assaulted George Zimmerman? Many of those attacks were committed by black mobs. The media didn’t cover those either.

Speaking of CNN, this video is a perfect real-life rebuttal for Piers Morgan’s foolish european “semi-automatic weapons with more than 10 rounds are unnecessary” trope. 27 assailants could easily be handled by one 30 round magazine – if you’re an average shot at close range. However, we all know Piers is too intellectually dishonest to air this video on his show in that context. I’m not advocating vigilantism, but I am advocating self-defense and the defense of others who are in immediate danger, especially when said danger is at the hands of an unruly mob.

Once again, white victims get swept under the rug of anti-American “repressive tolerance” in ever-increasing numbers. It’s time for that to stop.


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