May Day 2013 Violence From Around The Globe

Today, in keeping with the spirit of communist violence, May Day protesters tried to prove that they were up to the task of their predecessors who got their big debut killing cops in Chicago in 1886 and unarmed white Christian monarchs in the so-called “Russian Revolution” in 1917. Why? Well, rumor has it that they don’t like mercantilism (what Adam Smith warned us away from) that masquerades as capitalism. But, you see, these idealistic “power to the people” types weren’t taught by anyone with any shred of intellectual honesty, so they believe that global capital/crony capitalism/mercantilism are all synonymous with Smith’s view of capital. I doubt these kids could be diligent enough to read Theory of Moral Sentiments or Wealth of Nations when they’re too busy destroying property and setting fires. If they did a little more research, they might understand who the real enemy is.

The usual suspects are in support of May Day.

What’s a little commemorative violence among collectivist friends? Let’s take a look at the “revolutionary” actions of today’s red holiday-goers.

Nothing like a May Day public protest fire in the Philippines in honor of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao to kick off our May Day highlights for you. The two creators of communism and their murderous acolytes rank high with this mentality. It’s estimated that Lenin, Stalin, and Mao killed 100 million people. I’m unaware of what’s being burnt in the street in the photo below, but I’m sure the protesters wish it was a capitalist.


In Istanbul, where most of the violence occurred today, people were throwing rocks and using slingshots in typical “f*ck the police” fashion.


A handful of sharp rocks for ammo against the police. This skinny little protester means business!


She really does throw like a girl. There are multiple photos of this woman floating around. We opted to use the one with her face obscured.



Liberty in the form of yet another slingshot aimed at cops.



Black Bloc Istanbul insisted upon attacking bank property. You know, because anarchists are so “different” than revolutionary communists. Can’t you tell?



Then the Istanbul authorities responded with water cannon facials for everyone, including these DİSK members! DİSK is one of Turkey’s largest unions and was started by members of Turkey’s outlawed communist parties.



If the water cannon facials weren’t to the protesters’ liking, they could take it up with Istanbul’s customer service department, who were more than happy to serve their customers.


The protestors didn’t like Istanbul’s formal response to their protest one bit. Next up: the ever-popular tear gas eye cleanse.




The media seemed unfazed by the police response at the Istanbul May Day media center. Have gas mask, will travel… or at least sit at the nearest cafe with wifi. Gotta love gentrification, eh May Day’ers!


Next, the Stuttgart May Day revolutionaries were partying like it was 1932 Germany in their support of Bolshevik communism. The horrid imagery of the hammer and sickle being flown over Germany is astounding when one considers the crime, chaos, and undermining of the country done at the hands of these punks’ Bolshevik forebears – starting with the November Revolution in 1918 and continuing all the way through 1938. Germany, what’s wrong with you? We all know you didn’t like that 40 year post-war occupation by the same Soviets who raped your women and killed your unarmed men.



Fighting with police…


…leads to injuries.



The Spaniards injected a little more anarcho-syndicalism into their May Day festivities, but still had the similar results. CGT represents an anarcho-syndicalist bent (think “Libertarian socialism” if you can) is the third-largest union in Spain, ranking just behind the socialist UGT and the communist CCOO unions.


Land Rover gets their windows destroyed.



Random storefront destruction and defacement.



People who damage the property of others at their rallies, usually aren’t capitalists. As their sign says below (“Neither EU nor capitalism: people power”) , they’re against capitalism because it’s somehow bad for the people, because only people who break things are good for the people.  So it goes with European trade unions: “Let’s break something!”


Chicagoans have a long anti-American history of violence tied to socialist-styled trade unionism going back to the Haymarket riot on May 4th, 1886. On that day, protesters threw a bomb at police. The bomb exploded killing 7 police officers. In response, police fired upon the mob and killed 4 people. Bravo, “workers”! Today, they’re proud of what transpired, as evidenced by their dry-humping the Haymarket Riot Memorial in Chicago seen below.


True Chicago-styled “Americans” push for “Internationalism” with slogans like “The Whole World Comes First”.


This poor Chicago kid is all too eager to get arrested. We haven’t found out what he was arrested for, but there was a reported incident between a protester and a bystander.



Events are ongoing in Chicago. Will update as events unfold.

Moving on to Italy, this clash between protesters and police looks like a full-on riot. This occurred in the city of Torino, or Turin for you modern Americans.  What started as this…



…ended with this.


Finally, in the middle east, according to Masrawy, an Egyptian news portal, this photo below of burning tires was taken at a May Day protest in Bahrain.



May Day 2013 has taught that all one needs to start their own May Day protest are some sophomoric tropes against capitalism, signs and banners in support of the most brutal murdering dictators in history, some friends who are cool with breaking other people’s things, matches for setting fires, and rocks for throwing at law enforcement officers.

Happy May Day 2013! Bring your bail money and your stitches!

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  • David F’n McNabb™

    The inner workings of the activist mind never cease to intrigue me. What motivates these people? certainly not logic, certainly not righteousness, certainly not history, maybe a watered down and distorted version of the three?

  • John Bossi

    I think they’re just pissed at their pathetic lives and bad decisions and want to make that small business owner pay for his Capitalist ideas.