Adam Savader – Romney / Ryan / Gingrich Intern Accused Of Stalking & Extorting Naked Pics From 15 Young Women

Former intern for Paul Ryan and New Gingrich, Adam Savader, aged 21, of Great Neck, New York was arrested yesterday and is accused of cyber stalking and extortion, according to the criminal complaint filed April 17, 2013 by Michael T. Garland, a Special Agent with the FBI. The complaint was filed in US District Court in Eastern Michigan and specific violations fall under Title 18 United States Code Sections 875(d) and 2261A(2). Savader faces up to 5 years in prison if convicted. He’s still in custody at the time of this writing.

Savader’s Twitter bio describes him as an “American Patriot” and a “Reagan Republican”. His associations with Paul Ryan and Newt Gingrich have been confirmed by several of our sources.


Some pictures of Savader with his former bosses Paul Ryan and Newt Gingrich. He notes his last day with Newt was in early 2012.



The complaint states that, between September of 2012 and April 2013, Savader used the alias “John Smith” and Google Voice numbers to hide his identity while making contact with at least 15 young women for the primary purpose of extorting nude photos from them. It appears that many of the victims were acquainted with Savader, and he knew some of the women for years, but none of the women ever had a romantic relationship with him. The complaint alleges that Savader threatened to contact the Republican National Committee if one of the victims didn’t comply, the RNC hasn’t yet responded to our questions regarding the victim’s relationship to the RNC. Will update here if they do.

“Jimmy Princeton” provides a little levity at Savader’s expense.

Savader’s primary method, according to the criminal complaint, was that he would locate naked pictures of women that were either already online, or he would “hack” their email accounts, where some of the pictures were stored by the victims, and he would also obtain pictures from mutual acquaintances. Sometimes the victims would be shown the photos on Photobucket as proof that the photos were in the possession of the blackmailer. Once he convinced the victims that he had the embarrassing photos in his possession, he would use that as leverage to attempt to coerce additional naked photos of the victims by threatening to send the photos he already had to the victims’ families, friends, and coworkers if they didn’t comply with his deviant demands.

One of the victims stated that she would receive 80 text messages a day, and multiple victims received text messages from the extortionist stating that he was masturbating to their pictures. Ack. This is a very persistent and perverted person. According to Savader’s Twitter bio, he “owns” the domain, which is registered to Adam Savader in Great Neck, New York, per GoDaddy’s whois lookup. The site currently says, “Coming soon!”

Can’t tell if the home page message is ironic or foreshadowing. “Coming soon,” indeed.

Of note – Google Voice doesn’t allow for MMS messages to be received. It’s unclear if Savader was aware of Google Voice’s limitation. Although, it’s possible that since he was, per the complaint’s charges, directing woman to “friend” him via a dummy Facebook account (now inactive), that he was using this Facebook account as a means to collect the photos. The criminal complaint doesn’t provide much detail in this regard.

Here’s the complaint in full.

Savader collected many photos of himself with conservative and neocon talking heads. Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, Andrew Breitbart, and Ann Coulter were among the people he collected. Here’s a link to a screenshot of many in his GOP “collection” bucket.  Here’s a few individual shots of Savader with Sarah Palin (that he creepily photobombs), Andrea Tantaros, and Dana Loesch.





Since this isn’t the first time we’ve reported about “credentialed” GOP perverts trying to obtain naked pictures of women, it’s safe to say that there are at least a few Grade-A creepers in your party, Republicans. One wonders if any southern attorneys have weighed in on the subject.

Thank goodness that Savader doesn’t rhyme with cadaver. However, ladies, always go to the authorities with reports of creepers, stalkers, and blackmailers, because it’s usually not just you that these types of deviants assail.

 Update 4/24/2013

Looks like some of the Jewish volks are making it known that Adam is Jewish and that this is more embarrassing for Jewish people than it is for American males. Who said anything about Adam being Jewish prior to the statements below?

A couple Daily Beast writers (one former and one current) had this to say. These people really call us “goyim”?

Ron Kampeas, over at JTA (Jewish Telegraph Agency) wrote this under the title “The child who asked too much”. That’s an interesting article title for stalking and sexual extortion, Ron. Not surprising from a guy who thinks the RNC, had they received any of the nude photos that Adam threatened to send to them, should “put them on the wall between the Priebus and Steele portraits”.

So last year we had the bright idea of asking the campaigns what their Passover plans were — based on the history that an improvised seder in Pennsylvania in 2008 led to a White House tradition.

Maybe, we thought, we’d uncover or even precipitate the Next Great Jewish White House Thang.

We got exactly one reply: From an intern for the Newt Gingrich campaign, Adam Savader. He spoke of joining three generations of his family in New York, sharing the tradition with Christian friends who “yearn to learn more” and repealing ObamaCare. (All during the Seder?)


A year after Candidate Obama attended a campaign seder in Pennsylvania, President Obama convened the first-ever White House seder.

And a year after Savader replied … he’s under arrest and charged with cyberstalking and blackmail.

From the New York Daily News:

“He preyed on women from Michigan, Washington, D.C., and Long Island, prosecutors said, many of whom he knew from high school.

“In one instance, the criminal complaint said, Savader threatened to send naked pictures of one of his victims to the Republican National Committee if she didn’t comply with his demands. She sometimes got as many as eight threatening texts a day, the document said.”

So yes, I too wonder what exactly the RNC would have done upon receipt of these photos. “There’s empty space on the wall between the Priebus and Steele portraits, and they kind of hate one another anyway…”

And I also wonder what form the hunt for the Afikomen took at last year’s Savader seder.

Adam’s full statement from a year ago that Ron referenced.

This year, as every other year, I will join my family in New York at our Seder dinner table. Three generations of my family will recount the story of Exodus, how our people were once slaves in Egypt and how we were freed. We will share our holiday dinner with Christian friends from here and abroad who yearn to learn more about Judaism.   As we tell the story, each person at the table  will have the opportunity to be involved.  We will eat the ceremonial foods,  say prayers and sing songs as we celebrate our freedom as a people and as Americans.  I have chosen to work at Newt 2012 because Newt is committed to running a substantive and solutions oriented campaign that is dedicated to these freedoms and liberties as well as repealing Obamacare, lowering gas to $2.50 a gallon, and instructing the state department to move the United States’ embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to  Jerusalem.

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