Mission Objective

Those who fight in the trenches aren’t interested in or motivated by promises of glory, reward for party loyalty, or the accolades of our peers. We are here to survive.

We believe what most media outlets have forgotten–that freedom of speech and a free press need not kowtow to the whims of the government or the fads of society.

We believe that truth will out, even if truth is unpopular or uncomfortable.

We exist to serve the people of the United States, not any personality–including our own.

We in the trenches will fight encroaching progressivism to the last man. We will call it out wherever it is found, and we will attack it from the ground.

We will show no quarter to traitors who lurk within our ranks.

If you are brave enough to meet the enemy face to face, this is your unit.

About Brooks Bayne

Bacon and bourbon.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KIRZSBSOQWEIGNURVTKR37LIGQ GMiller

    I see donate buttons all over the place but nowhere to claim the $20,000 reward.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Raymond-Fellers/1082631280 Raymond Fellers

    Your home page seems to be constantly reloading, making it impossible to read the article introductory paragraph as the page constantly shifts position.

    I’ll bet that if you put a “donate to the transcript reward fund” button on your site, the reward would climb to a million dollars before long. That’s serious money that might produce results.

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