Woman #3 Comes Forward On Twitter In The Todd Kincannon Sexting Scandal?

Love one another… but not like THAT!

For the record, more women have come forward with stories about Mr. Kincannon after our first post, but we’ve only had several who’ve made public statements or have agreed to go on the record about what they claim is Mr. Kincannon’s propensity to seek naked pictures of women and/or send them naked pictures of himself. Probably not what most women would want to admit to.

The latest woman goes by the Twitter handle @1Marchella. She claims that Mr. Kincannon asked her for pics such as those in our 2nd post on this alleged sexting scandal. This request was made prior to some heated disagreement they had. Then she calls Mr. Kincannon, “disgusting”.

Is a pattern emerging in this story? You decide.



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  • http://twitter.com/Xcitizen10 XCitizen10

    This appears to be a consequence of being a mouth piece for values you don’t hold. If he weren’t a hypocrite, I’d generally gloss this over as a “run of the mill” creepy pervert. However, there’s a lot more morality (of lack thereof) to this series of events. I feel bad for his poor fiance who is probably embarrassed and hurt by this behavior.

    Mr. “Kink” Cannon needs some Jesus in his life. :)

    • http://brooksbayne.com brooksbayne

      more jesus and less kink cannon.

    • Lacy Robinson Epting

      Isn’t it funny that I spent the first 18 years of my life with him in Sunday School at 1st Baptist of Simpsonville??

  • http://twitter.com/onegoodnathan onegoodnathan

    u sure about this dude? this ain’t bs? I follow him, but who self-proclaims that they’re Mark Twain status? srsly…